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Luigi Ferrara found a passion for marketing after working on social media campaigns in a family business. He is also captain of a football team and in this video, he tells us how the communication skills he developed on the pitch have helped him during his studies.


Who is it for?

Whether you want to break into marketing, start your own business, take over your family’s company, or just learn more about how to innovate new products and services, and create buzz and excitement around them, this postgraduate strategic marketing course is right for you.

This strategic marketing master's course is specifically tailored for students with little or no prior marketing experience and study background.

It will qualify you to get your first professional marketing position, even if you have studied fine arts, medicine, business, or physics before. If you are looking for a degree that deepens your advanced marketing knowledge, please take a look at our other MSc courses or our MBA programmes.


*You might still see us referred to as Cass Business School. Find out more about our name change.

Some people equate marketing with advertising. Not you. You know that marketing is a multi-faceted business process involving creativity and innovation alongside analytical and strategic skills.

The MSc in Marketing Strategy and Innovation postgraduate programme gives you a sound understanding of the principles and state-of-the art practices of marketing.

You will acquire the latest knowledge on market research, customer analysis, innovation and design, brand management, advertising, digital and social media marketing, fashion brand management, storytelling, sponsoring, and many other current marketing topics.

Your lecturers bring these topics to life through interactive classes, case discussions, lectures with leading marketers, and hands-on innovation and communication tasks. You will, for example:

  • work with a London start-up company on a marketing plan for the introduction of a new product to the UK market
  • develop your own business idea, business model, and communication strategy and pitch it to a jury of London marketers and investors
  • compete against classmates in a strategy simulation game where you experience how your marketing decisions would play out in the real world
  • personally meet some of London’s finest senior marketers, from companies such as Unilever, Visa, Interbrand, and Unruly.

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The degree is aimed at equipping you with the most rigorous theoretical and practical knowledge on professional marketing practice, with the quantitative and qualitative analytical skills required to make complex marketing decisions, and with the soft skills to influence people and organisations through creativity, persistence, team-working, communication skills, leadership, and initiative.

Marketing is a fast-moving field. Therefore, each module is constantly updated to include the latest digital and analogue technologies (some of them developed by our very own lecturers) which enables you to devise path-breaking products and persuasive communication strategies in fast-changing social environments.

What will you learn

  • Develop your understanding of up-to-date tools and tricks of leading marketing strategists, as well as of the newest emerging theories and approaches.
  • Directly apply what you have learned in class to real marketing problems.
    When you graduate you will be able to contribute right away to marketing practice in leading organisations.
  • You will also have the knowledge and skill to get audiences excited about your own start-up idea.

Induction weeks

All of our MSc courses start with two compulsory induction weeks which include relevant refresher courses, an introduction to the careers services and the annual careers fair.

Assessment methods

Students will be assessed through a range of different methods. Most courses have both an exam and a coursework assessment component.

Students conduct the course work with study groups. Group members learn from assessing each other through peer assessment, mirroring evaluation mechanisms in organisations.

Term dates

Term dates 2022/23

  • Induction: 12th September 2022 - 23rd September 2022
  • Term one: 26th September 2022 - 9th December 2022
  • Term one exams: 9th January 2023 - 20th January 2023
  • Term two: 23rd January 2023 - 7th April 2023
  • Term two exams: 24th April 2023 - 5th May 2023
  • Term three - international electives: 8th May 2023 - 19th May 2023
  • Term three: 22nd May 2023 - 7th July 2023
  • Term three exams: 10th July 2023 - 21 July 2023
  • Resits: 14th August 2023 - 25th August 2023
  • Additional resit week - tests only: 28th August 2023 - 1st September 2023.


Course timetables are normally available from July and can be accessed from our timetabling pages. These pages also provide timetables for the current academic year, though this information should be viewed as indicative and details may vary from year to year.

View academic timetables

Please note that all academic timetables are subject to change.

Teaching staff

Course Director

Dr Oguz Acar

Dr Oguz A. Acar

Reader in Marketing and Innovation

The teaching staff on the MSc in Marketing Strategy and Innovation programme are leading researchers in their fields who create new knowledge and tools for ever more effective marketing. Many academics also look back at years of practical industry experience. Most courses are also enriched through guest lectures of leading London marketers, some of which have contributed to running the world’s most iconic brands.

In the highly interactive lectures of the Bayes MSc in Marketing, Strategy & Innovation programme you will tap into this wealth of knowledge and experience, and thus build your own skill as a marketer.

Module Leaders include:

  • Dr Oguz A. Acar (Reader in Marketing and Innovation) - Studies how the potential of crowd-based digital models – such as crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and online communities – can be better harnessed for marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific progress.
  • Professor Fleura Bardhi- Researches consumer behaviour and culture from a sociological perspective. Expert in the sharing economy, travel and mobilities, digital consumption, global brands and consumers.
  • Dr Daniela Cristian - Explores hedonic experiences, particularly their behavioural consequences, as well as consumer decision-making and prosocial behaviour.
  • Dr Sabrina Gottschalk- Studies consumer-to-consumer interaction, in particular online and offline word-of-mouth, from a consumer behaviour perspective.
  • Dr Jay Jung- Studies what determines the reaction of capital market participants, such as investors and equity analysts, to accounting and financial information contained in corporate disclosures.
  • Dr Marius Luedicke - Cultural branding expert who studies cultural tensions in consumer society and advises managers on how to turn these tensions into branding opportunities.
  • Dr Irene Scopelliti- Studies causes and consequences of decision making mistakes.
  • Dr Janina Steinmetz- Examines the social aspects of consumer motivation, self-control, and impression management by using experiments and field studies.
  • Dr Ruben van Werven - Interested in entrepreneurship, both in startup and corporate environments.
  • Dr Wanqing Zhang - Specialises in decision choice modeling and conducts empirical marketing research in the area of new product introduction, mobile and digital marketing, social media, big data and service marketing.
  • Dr Joyce Jingshi Liu - Studies antecedents and consequences of consumers’ interaction with products, particularly how these interactions relate to consumers’ self-concept, self-control, and wellbeing.

Guest lecturers

Marketing is a fast moving field. Therefore, the skills and knowledge that you will acquire on the MSc in Marketing Strategy and Innovation course are continuously updated to include the latest theoretical developments (some of them authored by our very own lecturers) and the newest practical developments.

Regular guest speakers in the program include:

  • Jon Goldstone - A former Marketing VP at PepsiCo and Unilever who now works as a global brand consultant at the brandgym. Expert in brand strategy, campaign development and innovation.
  • Prosper Williams - Studies the issues of disruptive technology, its impact on business and society, and the role business leaders play in mitigating the impact of technology on our broader environmental and social systems.


How to apply

Documents required for decision-making

  • Transcript/interim transcript
  • Grading system used by your university
  • Current module list if still studying
  • CV
  • Personal statement - this should be around 500 words in length and answer the following:
    • Why have you selected this course? What are your motivating factors?
    • What are your areas of interest within the course?
    • What contributions do you feel you can make to the course?
    • How do you see the course affecting your career plans?

Documents which may follow at a later date

  • English language test result if applicable
  • Two references, one of which MUST be an academic reference
  • For a successful application to receive an unconditional status all documents must be verified, so an original or certified copy of the degree transcript must be uploaded to the application form or e-mailed to the relevant Admissions Officer upon request

We cannot comment on individual eligibility before you apply and we can only process your application once it is fully complete, with all requested information received.

Individual Appointments

If you would like to arrange an individual appointment to discuss the application process and be given a tour of the facilities, please complete this form.

Please note - these are subject to availability.

Terms and conditions

Students applying to study at Bayes Business School are subject to City, University of London's terms and conditions.

Entry requirements

  • A UK upper second class degree or above, or the equivalent from an overseas institution.
  • We accept applications from all academic backgrounds
  • Work experience is not a requirement of this course.


We do not require a GMAT or GRE for this course but if you have already taken the test we would advise you to upload a copy of your result to your online application form.

Candidate profile

  • This course is designed as a conversion course for students with little or no marketing education and experience
  • If you have studied some marketing a while ago, or have worked in a junior marketing position, taking this course will help you move ahead.
  • If you have specialised in marketing during your Undergrad studies, you are welcome to study this degree, but please be aware that some (if not most) contents may look familiar.
  • If you have worked in strategic marketing positions for more than three years, please take a look at our MBA programme, which will be more suitable.
  • The MSc in Marketing Strategy & Innovation is not a highly quantitative course as it is open to graduates from a variety of disciplines, but it still teaches some maths and statistics.


Applicants selected by the Admissions Panel may be invited to an online interview. We will contact all selected applicants with full instructions after the Admissions Panel has made an initial assessment of your application.

We strongly advise you to provide us with your own personal email address when applying to avoid missing interview deadlines.

English language requirements

If you have been studying in the UK for the last three years it is unlikely that you will have to take the IELTS test

If you have studied a 2+2 degree with just two years in the UK you will be required to provide IELTS results and possibly to resit the tests to meet our requirements.


  • The required IELTS level is an average of 7.0 with a minimum of 6.5 in all elements.

Some other English Language tests might be accepted


UK/EU/International £28,000 Tuition fees are subject to annual change

Fees in each subsequent year of study (where applicable) will be subject to an annual increase of 2%. We will confirm any change to the annual tuition fee to you in writing prior to you commencing each subsequent year of study (where applicable).

Deposit: £2,000 (usually paid within 1 month of receiving offer and non-refundable unless conditions of offer are not met)

First installment: Half fees less deposit (payable during on-line registration which should be completed at least 5 days before the start of the induction period)
Second installment: Half fees (paid in January following start of course)

Information about Scholarships

Career pathways

We are committed to not only educate you as an excellent marketer, but also as a responsible leader.

This ethos pervades the MSc in Marketing Strategy and Innovation postgraduate course. Exploring topics such as Corporate Social Responsibility, for example, gives you an 'outside in' perspective, enabling you to reflect on the wider social implications of your employability of Bayes students, the applicable vocational skills of the course and the support Bayes students benefit from.

Class of 2020 profile

Recent graduates have secured positions in companies including:

  • Influencer Marketing Executive - Social Media - Farfetch
  • SEO Junior Associate - SEO - Merkle
  • Strategy and Consulting Analyst - Strategy - Accenture
  • Business Strategy Graduate - Business Strategy - Sky
  • Paid Search Executive - Search - Zenith

Where they are working now

  • UK: 40%
  • EU/ EEA: 17%
  • The Americas: 4%
  • Africa and Middle East: 2%
  • Asia: 38%

Industry post-master's

13% Agency (Marketing, Advertising, PR, Digital, Media, Recruitment)
8% Media & Entertainment
6% Retail / Wholesale
6% Financial Services - Accounting / Auditing Services
6% IT - Software

Data provided from alumni who completed the annual destination data survey 2019/20.

Course information and statistics (2021/22 cohort)

average age of student body
Human brain
Gain practical experience through innovative projects
nationalities (2021/22 cohort)
Graduation hat
Learn from leading experts within the field