Cost of living

As part of careful budget planning, you should allow enough to cover your basic essentials each week. The following list gives you an idea of what you should expect to pay on a weekly basis in London.

Accommodation - £100-£260 per week

If you have a place in halls of residence, you can expect your accommodation to be between £130 and £260 depending on which Hall you are allocated. This weekly amount includes utilities such as heating, lighting and hot water. See City's Accommodation pages for current rates. For private sector accommodation, prices will vary depending on which zone in London you live in but expect to pay anywhere between £90 and £140 for a room in a zone 2 household for example. Private accommodation rent is not guaranteed to include utilities.

Food - £40-£60 a week

All halls at City are self-catered, so you will need room in your budget for grocery shopping as well as lunch on campus. Again, prices will vary depending on your tastes but you should at least budget for around £40 for food.

Electricity/Gas - £10 a week

If you are living in halls, you will not need to pay for utilities such as electricity and gas. For those renting in the private sector, you should budget around £10 a week for your energy bills.

Study materials - £5-£10 a week

Most study materials will be required within the first few weeks of your course, so it is a good idea to budget for this up front expense. Some courses, such as Optometry, have equipment that students are expected to purchase at the beginning of term. Check with your School or department before you register whether there is any equipment that you are expected to buy.

Travel - £10-£30 a week

The closer you are to City, the cheaper your transport costs will be. As most of our Halls are within walking distance of the main campus, public transport costs will be fairly minimal and limited to what you spend travelling to other parts of London. Students in privately rented accommodation or the family home can expect to pay more to travel to Zone 1 on a weekly basis. Most students will be eligible for a 30% discount on a weekly or monthly travel card.

TV Licence - £3 a week

If you want a TV either in halls or in private accommodation, you will need to get a TV Licence. Currently, a TV Licence costs £145.50 per year payable in monthly instalments or as a lump sum. For more information, please visit the TV Licensing website.

Mobile phone and internet costs - £10 a week

Internet access is often included in halls of residence costs, otherwise you'll need to budget this cost in along with the cost of a mobile phone. These costs vary hugely, but the market is very competitive and you have the power to get a better deal.

Entertainment - £20-£50 a week

Entertainment costs will greatly vary from student to student. There are plenty of discounts offered to students for club nights, theatre and cinema tickets, and special events, as well as events held at the Students' Union. It may also be worth getting an NUS card from the Students' Union which will offer further student discounts.

Miscellaneous - £20 a week

Make sure you leave room in your budget for miscellaneous costs such as toiletries and clothes as well as occasional items such as gifts.

Total budget - £223-£423 per week

For cost comparisons, you may find the following sites useful: