Sponsorship refers to students who are having their tuition fees paid on their behalf by organisations such as government departments, companies, charities or employers. If your fees are being paid by any family, friends or acquaintances in a private capacity, this would not constitute formal sponsorship for a programme, and you will have to pay your deposit and tuition fees by the deadlines in your offer letter.

If all or part of your tuition fees will be paid by a sponsor, please complete the online sponsorship form as early as possible, so that after you have completed online registration, your sponsor will be sent an invoice for your fees. You will need to complete the online sponsorship form before you can complete your online registration. Sponsorship confirmation is required for each year of study, not just in year one.

If your sponsor is only paying a portion of your tuition fees, you will need to pay the balance. Here are some examples of how your contributions would be paid.

Sponsors cannot pay by instalments, they must pay within 30 days of the invoice date.

The University will contact you if there are any problems in receiving payment from your sponsor. If your sponsor does not pay your fees, you will become responsible for the full fee. Please note that only registered companies will be accepted as sponsors. If your sponsorship arrangements change and you have a new employer, you should complete a new online sponsorship form as soon as possible.

If you are a postgraduate student holding a discretionary award from your local authority (LA), or recognised scholarship from a research council or a UK government department, the University will collect tuition fees directly from them. You must give the University a copy of the award letter before you attempt online registration and as early as possible.