London life

What can we say about London that hasn't already been said a million times before?

If you want the facts, it's the world's leading commercial and financial centre, and the most populous city and metropolitan area in the European Union.

If you want the buzz, simply come and experience the thrill of living in a city that's home to a diverse range of people, cultures and religions, speaking over 300 different languages.

London also has great transport links with the rest of the UK and Europe. As a student at Bayes, you're perfectly placed to enjoy it all!

Welcome to London

Every year we welcome students from around 100 different countries to Bayes. To help everyone settle in and enjoy London we organise a Welcome to London event. The day includes a body language workshop and a double decker Routemaster bus tour of London.

Some examples of city guides:

"London can sometimes feel as big as an entire country, yet other times as small as the smallest village. It can be both expensive and cheap. But one thing London does have and that's everything! Well apart from sunny beaches!"
Giedre Drake, MSc in Finance and Investment