Building the bridge between theory and practice.

The Real Estate Centre aims to provide a dynamic link between the academic community and practitioners involved in real estate, and build on the foundations of existing rigorous academic research.

Bayes Real Estate Centre online short course “Understanding the REIT price”. Registration now open

Alex Moss, Bayes Business School and EPRAThe online course opens the week beginning Monday, October 16th 2023, and runs for six weeks with prerecorded lectures, readings, quizzes, a discussion forum, and a live weekly webinar. It is delivered by Alex Moss and each week he is joined by a different industry expert to provide up-to-the-minute insight and practical applications of the concepts taught. “Understanding the REIT price” will provide a thorough understanding of the factors driving the valuations of the listed real estate sector, the direct property market and the stock market , explain the reasons behind any disconnect between public and private markets, and explore the specific investment characteristics of listed real estate versus other equities from an asset allocation perspective. Register your interest in the Bayes Real Estate online short course "Understanding the REIT price"
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What our students say

The Understanding the REIT price course was a great deep dive into REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) Analysis, with easily accessible online content and engaging weekly topics accentuated by a wide range of industry guest speakers who provided outstanding insight into the world of real estate investing.

A particular highlight was the ´Portfolio Challenge´ in which class participants were able to monitor and analyse real like market movements which really aided in supplementing our learnings for the week

Patrick Rooney
Investment Analyst
Aventors Group

I thoroughly enjoyed Understanding the REIT price. Alex was a superb tutor, going through detailed material meticulously and the guest speakers were thought-provoking, resulting in a great learning experience. I have now been on two REIT specific courses, and this wins hands down.

Edward James
Property Analyst
Property Analyst
Weybourne Limited

Introduction from the Centre Director

I am delighted to welcome you to the Real Estate Centre. Commercial Real Estate is currently undergoing a whole series of cyclical and structural challenges, which means that the need for innovative and fresh thinking across disciplines has never been greater. We are at the forefront of this change and we look forward to engaging with you in this process.

- Alex Moss, Director, Real Estate Centre, Bayes Business School

Our purpose

Aims and Objectives of the Real Estate Centre at Bayes

The Centre’s purpose is to provide a dynamic link between the academic community and practitioners involved in real estate. Its aim is to build on the foundations of existing rigorous research, with a particular focus on real estate finance. By integrating existing real estate expertise within the broader finance and management capabilities at Bayes, we aim to provide wider and deeper perspectives and insights across all aspects of real estate and real estate finance.

The Centre's objectives are to

  • Establish a forum for dialogue with researchers in the industry, and production of collaborative projects
  • Produce reports on a commissioned and ad hoc basis on under-researched areas of industry interest
  • Host events on topical issues for the industry
  • Publish periodic Research Activity Reports
  • Facilitate the production of academic papers for publication in journal and conferences
  • Offer dedicated Executive Education courses for industry practitioners.

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