Many of our research academics are involved in teaching across the range of real estate –related courses that we offer:

“Understanding the REIT price”. Registration now open

The online course opens the week beginning Monday, October 16th 2023, and runs for six weeks with prerecorded lectures, readings, quizzes, a discussion forum, and a live weekly webinar. It is delivered by Alex Moss and each week he is joined by a different industry expert to provide up-to-the-minute insight and practical applications of the concepts taught.

“Understanding the REIT price” will provide a thorough understanding of the factors driving the valuations of the listed real estate sector, the direct property market and the stock market , explain the reasons behind any disconnect between public and private markets, and explore the specific investment characteristics of listed real estate versus other equities from an asset allocation perspective.

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MSc Real Estate

Course Director Alex Moss

MSc in Real Estate offers a choice of pathways, which you choose between in the second term. One option adds more UK-specific skills in law, valuation and taxation for those who want to join the graduate-entry programmes of chartered surveying firms. The second focuses more on financial analysis and international markets for those looking to work in investment, finance, development or outside the UK.

MSc in Real Estate Investment

Course Director Sotiris Tsolacos

The MSc in Real Estate Investment course requires a stronger background or aptitude in quantitative methods - from mathematics at final year high-school level, a degree with a quantitative element, or work experience. The course covers the same core “real estate professional” skills as the MSc Real Estate, but extends it to advanced methods in financial modelling, industry research and portfolio analysis, and covers in more detail the financial markets created by Real Estate Investment Trusts and Mortgage Backed Securities.

Graduates from this course may enter the same businesses as those from the MSc Real Estate, but will but will be better qualified for “real estate analyst” roles in investment strategy, financing and research.

MSc in Global Finance (online) – Real Estate Module

Course Director Alex Moss

This 100% online MSc Global Finance course allows you to expand your knowledge, and gain industry-relevant skills, whilst fitting your studies around a busy professional life.

The world of international finance is fast-moving and competitive. We’ve designed this course to equip students with exceptional analytical, numerical and interpersonal skills. As you expand your knowledge of global finance, you’ll address industry developments and deep-dive into four areas of expertise – Banking, Asset Management, Insurance and Global Real Estate.

Executive Education

Bill Rodney and Alex Moss

As well as our postgraduate courses we also offer tailored Executive Education courses to companies. These have included specific, tailored sessions on:

  • property valuation
  • development appraisal
  • understanding how capital markets pricing affects your business
  • how to value any REIT globally
  • current trends in asset management.