Honorary Visiting Appointments

What are Honorary Visiting Appointments?

Honorary visiting appointments are offered to exceptional individuals who can demonstrably add value to the School's brand in an academic, research and/or professional capacity.

Appointments are unpaid and are initially for a period of three years. Honorary appointments are given access to the School’s library facilities, IT facilities, including a City University London’s affiliate email account. Honorary visiting appointment are expected to comply with University’s financial, academic and IT regulations. As well as contribute to the scholastic, education and/or research endeavour of the School.

There are three levels of appointment:

  • Honorary Visiting Fellow;
  • Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow; and
  • Honorary Visiting Professor.

Current Honorary Appointments

Honorary Visiting Professor

Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance

  • Prof Iain Allen
  • Prof Montserrat Guillen
  • Dr Martin Karlsson
  • Mr Patrick Liedtke
  • Dr Maria Dolores Martinez-Miranda
  • Prof Mario Wuthrich

Faculty of Finance

  • Prof Rym Ayadi
  • The Hon Apruv Bagri
  • Prof Colyn Gardner
  • Mr Alan Giles
  • Lord Brian Griffiths of Fforestfach
  • Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannu
  • Dr Jessica James
  • Dr Roy Leighton
  • Prof Liu Ming Kang
  • Prof Anthony Saunders
  • Dr Martin Stopford
  • Prof Siri Strandenes
  • Prof Puliyer (Sudi) Sudarsanam
  • Prof Wayne Talley
  • Prof Helen Thanopoulou
  • Lord Adair Turner
  • Prof Eddy Van de Voorde
  • Mr Lambros Varnavides
  • Mr Mohsen Ziya

Faculty of Management

  • Dr Tony Angel
  • Prof John Bateson
  • Mrs Lynne Berry
  • Mr Rene Carayol
  • Mr James Chew
  • Dame Julia Cleverdon
  • Mr Michael Cullen
  • Mr Peter Cullum
  • Mr Bruce Daisley
  • Prof Kristin Diehl
  • Sir Stuart Etherington
  • Prof Igor Filatotchev
  • Prof Eileen Fischer
  • Mr Bob Garratt
  • Prof Rob Grant
  • Mr Andy Homer
  • Dr Rodrigo Jordan
  • Mr Philippos Kassimatis
  • Mr David Macleod
  • Mr David Morley
  • Ms Cathy Pharoah
  • Prof Zoe Radnor
  • Ms Natalie Reynolds
  • Mr Andrew Sibbald
  • Mr Stefan Stern
  • Prof James Stoller
  • Mr Paul Richard Streets
  • Mr Jeremy White

Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow

Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance

  • Dr Margaret Ashwell
  • Mr Nick Silver

Faculty of Finance

  • Mr Marco Boldini
  • Mr Michel Driessen
  • Dr Daniel Giamouridis
  • Mr Khurram Jafree
  • Mrs Susan Kilsby
  • Mr Robert Lawson
  • Dr Stelios Markoulis
  • Mr Roger McCormick
  • Mr David Mellor
  • Ms Jessica Pryce-Jones
  • Prof Georgious Skiadopoulos
  • Mr Chris Wagstaff

Faculty of Management

  • Mr Sam Adlen
  • Dr Douglas Board
  • Dr Francesco Bongarra
  • Dr Maurizio Bragagni
  • Mr Andrew James Clifford
  • Ms Caroline Copeman
  • Ms Denise Fellows
  • Mr Jon Goldstone
  • Mr Markus Kramer
  • Dr Harvey Lewis
  • Mr Rob McCargow
  • Mr Marc Meryon
  • Mr Wayne Nelson
  • Mr David Stringer-Lamarre
  • Dr Vanina Jasmine Torlò
  • Ms Sabine VanderLinden
  • Dr Jeroen Veldman
  • Mr Matthew Watkinson

Honorary Visiting Fellow

Faculty of Actuarial Science & Insurance

  • Mr Markus Gesmann

Faculty of Finance

  • Mr Simon Brocklebank-Fowler
  • Dr Kieran Farrelly
  • Mr Mikael Homanen
  • Mr Chris Stears

Faculty of Management

  • Ms Fiona Ash
  • Mr Hanif Barma
  • Mr Andrew Baughen
  • Mr Richard Browning
  • Mr Simon Callender
  • Ms Lisa Delaney
  • Ms Parveen Dhanda
  • Ms Christine Fogg
  • Mr Gianandrea Giochetta
  • Mr Simon King-Cline
  • Mr Leslie Morgan
  • Dr Szilvia Mosonyi
  • Mr Darren Munday
  • Ms Lucinda Offer
  • Mr David Rowe
  • Mr Paul Sizeland
  • Mr Richard Spencer
  • Dr Robert Zubrin

Application and approval process

Management of this process is undertaken by the School's Honorary Visiting Appointments Committee (a sub-Committee of Bayes Board of Studies), which is responsible for the appointment, renewal and auditing of Honorary visiting staff to the School.

The Committee meets in November and May; however, applications will be considered throughout the year by email circulation.

Each level of appointment is considered equivalent to full-time staff membership and therefore the appointment process, particularly of Honorary Visiting Professors, is robust and involves gathering references and obtaining final approval by the President of City, University of London.

Honorary Visiting Appointment proposals

A member of Bayes Academic staff will need to submit an Honorary Visiting appointment proposal. If you are a member of staff wishing to nominate an individual for an Honorary Visiting Appointment, please email bayes-hva@city.ac.uk for the relevant forms. Any new appointments must be accompanied by a CV or Bio of the nominee. The staff member who is the proposer of the appointment, will also act as sponsor/Faculty liaison for the nominee during their term of appointment.

Guide for determining appropriate level of Honorary Visiting Appointment

Honorary Visiting Professor

  • Must hold an Academic Professorship or an industry role of equivalent standing (e.g. CEO)
  • International Thought Leader

Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow

  • Academic: Lecturer or Senior Reader
  • Industry: Group Level VP

Honorary Visiting Fellow

  • Academic: Lecturer or Research Fellow
  • Industry: Senior Manager, Entrepreneur, “Rising Star”

All honorary appointees must have a right to work in the UK.

If an individual is being nominated for Honorary Visiting Professor appointment, an additional Reference Details Form will also need to be completed, where appointee does not hold a full professorship in a UK University, Polytechnic or Overseas University. Referees themselves must be external to Bayes and work at a similar level to the proposed nominee.

Please email bayes-hva@city.ac.uk for the relevant form.

Length of Honorary Visiting Appointment

  • Appointments last for three years or where specified, up to three years.
  • Renewals are possible subject to completion of a reapplication process.
  • Appointments can be withdrawn by Bayes with immediate effect where circumstances require.

Renewal or termination of Honorary Visiting Appointments

Honorary Visiting Appointments are renewable (subject to approval) after the initial three year term. Approximately two months prior to the end of appointments, Sponsors are asked whether the appointment should be renewed.

If an appointment is to continue, Sponsors will be asked to complete a Renewal Application Form (in collaboration with their HVAs) which will be submitted to the HVA Committee for consideration.

Appointments that will not be renewed are noted by the Committee and an end of appointment letter will be sent to HVAs.

Please direct all enquiries to bayes-hva@city.ac.uk