Current challenges in the global real estate sector - a masterclass by Alex Moss

In this video Alex Moss, Course Director for the MSc Global Finance and Director of the Real Estate Research Centre looks at how the global real estate sector has evolved , whether traditional assumptions still hold true, and how the concepts taught on both the Global Finance and Real Estate courses provide students with the ability to analyse and adapt to these changes.

Key drivers of global equity markets

On Wednesday 27th March 2019 Alex Moss presented this webinar on key drivers of Global equity Markets for potential online MSc Global Finance students.

Bayes Real Estate Centre hosts AREF’s launch paper on Trends in Real Estate Fund Structures

AREF’s Education and Training Committee held its second event of the new F-O-R-T educational series (Funds, Operations, Regulation, Tax) on 7th February 2019, launching its paper focussing on Trends in Real Estate Fund Structures. The paper was sponsored by Citco and the event was hosted by the Real Estate Research Centre at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass).

Property Chronicle Articles

August 2020

Valuing REITs at a time of market turbulenceAlex Moss takes a look at how implicit pricing can help valuation models at times of market turbulence.

June 2020

What will the world look like in 2021? – Alex Moss makes predictions as to how the real estate world will look in summer 2021.

Read The London Real Estate Professor (and an old city hand)

March 2020

The funding gap in retail propertyNicole Lux etalex moxamines recent value declines in retail property and assesses the implications for lenders and asset owners.

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