Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholar Guidelines

Bayes Business School recognises that individuals from other universities, institutions and businesses may wish to visit the School for periods of time for reasons including, but not limited to, conducting research, collaborating with faculty on specific projects and observing faculty research. The Visiting Scholars scheme is for established scholars or practitioners.  Preference will be given to applicants whose proposed research is related to the expertise of academic faculty within the School’s research community.

Those who are studying for a doctoral degree and who wish to visit Bayes to further their studies are invited to apply for Visiting Student status, further details on how to apply can be found [email protected].


This policy applies to all staff that entertain requests from individuals from other universities, institutions and businesses who are funded from sources external to the University and who wish to visit the campus. Visiting Scholars do not carry any official status of employment with the University and must have a formal Bayes Business School academic sponsor (or host).


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures and policies for obtaining approval for and registering visiting scholars and researchers.

How to apply

Applicants must contact a potential academic host within the school to seek their support before making the application. Our website provides details of all faculty members and their research areas.

Applications to be appointed as a Visiting Scholar can be made at any time of year and visits may also start at any time of the year subject to agreement between each individual and their academic sponsor. Applications should normally be made at least six weeks before the proposed start date. The two documents that must be submitted are:

  • A full curriculum vitae
  • Online visiting scholar application form

The application will then be considered by the proposed sponsor/Head of Faculty and if approved a confirmation letter will be issued via email.  The term for visiting scholar status will be up to but not exceeding twelve months. If you anticipate that your visit to Bayes will last longer than twelve months please consider an alternative classification (normally an honorary visiting appointment).

Criteria for appointment as a Visiting Scholar

The applicant must:

  • have secured agreement from a member of faculty to act as their sponsor
  • plan to visit for a period of up to but not exceeding twelve months
  • be visiting from and affiliated with an external institution or organisation
  • have a doctoral degree or recognised expertise in his or her field
  • have a source of financial support from outside Bayes Business School
  • be able to fulfil their research/study objectives
  • be able to offer a positive contribution to the overall research culture of the school


Visiting Scholars will be charged a fee on a pro-rata basis, per month of attendance at the School, based on a full-year fee of £3600. The funds will be used as a contribution to cover the overheads of the visit. If a visitor is not receiving funding for their stay at the School the fee may be waived at the discretion of the Sponsor / relevant Head of Faculty.

What can I expect as a Visiting Scholar? 

  • A University identification card giving access to the building (for visits of at least one month)
  • A University Health and Safety induction
  • Opportunities to attend and/or present at regular research seminars (schedule permitting)
  • Opportunities to attend selected lectures on a non-credit basis (at the discretion of the module leader)
  • Access to the University Wifi network

What should I not expect as a Visiting Scholar? 

Due to space constraints Bayes cannot provide offices for Visiting Scholars, but you are welcome to use the ground floor café area or the library on the 1st floor. Wi-fi access is available for those who have personal laptops, however access to licensed electronic library databases is restricted.

If you wish to attend conferences or summer schools during your visit the fees will not be waived, you will be required to pay the full registration fee for such events.

Acceptance as a Visiting Scholar does not entitle visitors to any formal qualifications or certification from City, University of London or Bayes Business School.

With the exception of the initial set up and induction, administrative assistance is not provided.

No funding for travel or accommodation will be provided, it is the responsibility of the Visiting Scholar to both fund and arrange their travel, visa and accommodation for their visit to the UK.

To apply, please complete the: Visiting Scholar application form.