Our people

The real estate team comprises

Alex Moss

Alex Moss runs his own consultancy (Consilia Capital) advising major investors in listed real estate companies. Alex has worked for Macquarie and BZW, and is currently chair of the European Public Real Estate Association Research Committee. He has authored a long string of industry publications, and articles in academic journals on the role of listed real estate in investment strategies.

Find out more about Alex Moss on his Academic Experts page.

Sotiris Tsolacos

Professor Sotiris Tsolacos is an academic with years of practical experience. Previously he was with Henley Business School and held posts at JLL and Property Portfolio Research/Costar from 1999 to 2013. He is co-author of the standard textbook on real estate forecasting.

Nicole Lux

Nicole Lux is a Senior Research Fellow and Project Director at the Faculty of Finance at Bayes Business School. She was previously a Vice President at Deutsche Bank where she worked in loan restructuring and workout.

In 2016 Nicole took over the De Montfort Commercial Real Estate Lending project to increase transparency in commercial mortgage markets for regulators and investors.

Find out more about Nicole Lux on her Academic Experts page

Mark Andrew

A senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance and at Bayes since 2007, Mark Andrew has over 15 years teaching experience. He is a highly skilled quantitative analyst who has published over 20 papers and a number of government commissioned reports on his research speciality in residential markets.

Find out more about Mark Andrew on his Academic Experts page.

Bill Rodney

At Bayes since 1990, Bill Rodney is one of the most experienced teachers of appraisal in the country, with a particular specialism in the use of spreadsheet models. Outside Bayes, Bill has his own business that runs Executive Education and professional skills courses for surveying and investment businesses all over the world – which gives him a unique insight into the techniques they use and skills they need.

Find out more about Bill Rodney on his Academic Experts page.

Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee has over twenty years teaching experience, at Bayes since 2005. He is an internationally recognised academic, who sits on the boards of the European Real Estate Society and the International Real Estate Society. He has published over 100 papers which break new ground in the field, mostly looking at investment risks and returns, asset allocation and portfolio construction.

Find out more about Stephen Lee on his Academic Experts page.