We work with the people and tools developed through our education and research to create impact in the people and organisations we work with, and the world at large.

Creative Leadership Programme

The Creative Leadership: Setting the Stage for Innovation programme is complementary to other initiatives from the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at Bayes. It is designed to educate a new cadre of creative leaders who have intellectual resilience and can apply interdisciplinary approaches to progress creative solutions to the complex, ill-structured and dynamic challenges that we face today.

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Consulting Creatively

We work closely with our partners at the Centre for Creativity enabled by AI (CebAI) to deliver training that can teach your teams how to improve their critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills and leave you with AI tools to support the ongoing application of these skills in every day situations.

If you seek to solve a current challenge in more creative ways, the Centre offers:

  • Consultancy for Creative Leadership, Business Resilience and Creative Problem Solving Consultancy to enhance creative leadership, build business resilience, solve problems more creatively, and to apply more imaginative and effective design thinking. This consultancy partners with business colleagues at Perspectiv and the Work Psychology Group
  • Adoption of Arts-Based Business Practice: Adoption of new forms of arts-based business practice, based on our research expertise in this area
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These services can be both short-term engagements using our ready-to-apply solutions, and profound new collaborations that transform the nature of creative leadership.

Example: The Centre worked with a research-led multi-national business to reimagine future uses of electric vehicles in mid-sized German cities. It designed and facilitated bespoke multi-day creativity workshops in which the business’s technologists, designers, architects and transport engineers collaborated intensely to create future scenarios of more integrated electric transport systems – systems that had the potential to transform and minimise the environmental impact of mass transport solutions.

Consulting with us provides you and your firm access to the Centre’s community and partners:

If you are interested in our consulting services, contact us via creativity@city.ac.uk.

What Our Clients Say: Testimonials

The Centre has a long list of clients. These clients include: AGT Germany, ANPAS, Avega Consulting, Arcola Theatre, Atlantic Systems Guild, BBC, BT, College of Optometrists, Daimler-Chrysler, Digital Shoreditch, English Institute of Sport, E.ON Visualizing the Smart Home: Creative engagement with customer data, Eurocontrol, FIAT, Imaginary S.p.a., Ladder to the Moon, Motiroti, National Air Traffic Service (NATS), Parmalat S.p.a., Perspectiv, Playgen, Registered Nursing Home Association care homes, Regola S.p.a and Stickyworld.

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Ject aI is a new interactive digital product that augments the productivity and creative capabilities of content creators such as journalists, marketing professionals and communications experts. JECT.AI automatically processes 10s of millions of news stories, scientific papers, magazine articles and blogs to present its users with ever-changing creative intelligence with which develop new content. This intelligence includes novel angles, new content, and experts and writers already talking about that content. The product is sold by the JECT.AI start-up, a spin-off from CebAI and City, University of London.

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Practitioner and Professional Publications

Some examples of our publications for professionals and practitioners include:

Our resources

Our research has generated numerous resources to research and educate about new forms of interdisciplinary creative leadership, and how individuals, teams and organisations can be more creative. Some of these resources are available to everyone.

Public resources

BrightSparks offers extreme personas that you can explore to discover new ideas.

INJECT enables journalists and other producers to discover new angles and content on media that you are writing.

BeCreative helps you to decide which creative techniques are best to use in different situations, and provides step-to-step guidance to use over 30 techniques.

Engaging other Bayes services

Bayes Business School is world-renowned for excellence in business-focused research and education. Our academic staff have hands-on industry experience and work closely with business leaders, in the City of London and worldwide.

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