Our Research

A Creative and Interdisciplinary Research Centre at Bayes Business School

The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice (C2P2) at Bayes Business School conducts interdisciplinary research on creativity, innovation and leadership in professional practice. People of C2P2 are committed to researching and educating about new forms of interdisciplinary, extraordinary and creative leadership

The Centre’s Research Objective is to undertake nationally and internationally recognized interdisciplinary research to develop and evaluate new mechanisms – methods, techniques and digital tools – that will enhance and support creative thinking and practice in individuals and organizations.

Centre’s Research Themes

Fundamental to the Centre’s research is its interdisciplinary approach to research through the development and dissemination of creative processes based on multidisciplinary research insights, from psychology, the arts, the creative industries, and other disciplines, which generate shifts in perspective that enable innovation and leadership.

The Centre’s main areas of expertise and directions for future research include investigating:

Doctoral Research

Our Centre also supervises MPhil and PhD research as part of the Bayes PhD programme. For more information about our research topics, contact the Centre, or one of our leaders.

Our previous PHD students are Dr. Graham Dove, Dr. Mobina Nouri, Dr. Alwin de Rooij and Dr. Anja Sisarica . Current PHD students are  Mark Dowsett, Vlad Kolzeev and Ammara Awais.

Find out more about the PhD programme.

Research Funding

The Centre is very successful at winning collaborative research funding to work with partners. Since its inception it has competitively obtained research grants worth over £15m.

The Centre’s research grants have been won from diverse funding bodies, to reflect its mix of basic and applied interdisciplinary research. These bodies include the EPSRC, EU H2020 Programme, EU Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship Programme, Arts Council England, Innovate UK , British Council, NESTA, JISC, Google, E.ON, Skills for Care, London Centre for Arts and Cultural Enterprise , Arts and Humanities Research Council, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowships Program, and Danish Council for Strategic Research.

The grants from these different research bodies reflect the diverse and interdisciplinary forms of the Centre’s creativity research.

If you are interested in pursuing any of these or other collaborative funding routes with us, contact us via creativity@city.ac.uk.