What our clients say

Our Centre has been enhancing the creative leadership and solving the complex problems of clients for over a decade.

Read about some of our services delivered previously to clients, and what these clients said about us.

Our other clients have included AGT Germany, ANPAS, Avega Consulting, Arcola Theatre, Atlantic Systems Guild, BBC, BT, College of Optometrists, Daimler-Chrysler, Digital Shoreditch, E.ON, FIAT, Imaginary S.p.a., Ladder to the Moon, Motiroti, National Air Traffic Service (NATS), Parmalat S.p.a., Perspectiv, Playgen, Registered Nursing Home Association care homes, Regola S.p.a, Stickyworld.

More Original Journalism

INJECT, one of the Centre’s AI tools to augment human creativity, was shown to increase the novelty of stories written by journalists over several months in 3 Norwegian newsrooms.

Norwegian newspaper article written with INJECT’s digital creativity support

Norwegian journalist Ola Stave said:

“My journalists are excited about working with INJECT and I think Norwegian newspapers would be willing to pay for this.”

Leading the Creative Rethinking of Air Traffic Management

The Centre developed and led interdisciplinary workshops with to create new air traffic systems. Clients such as NATS used creative and design thinking management to reconceptualise their complex systems.Rich storyboard developed using Centre techniques to explore scheduling of European airspace activities

Creative Enhancement of Sports Performance

EIS, a branch of UK sport, is using a new digital tool to discover ideas for improving elite sports performance. Sport Sparks uses lightweight AI to guide coaches to discover new ideas for improving athlete performance.

Sport Sparks, a new digital creativity support tool for use in elite athlete training

Alex Wolf, Head of Strengthening and Conditioning at the English Institute of Sport, said:

“The Sports Spark tool can help perturbate coaches current thinking around a performance question allowing them to generate and explore new and creative ideas which may not of been imagined before”

A Creativity Master-class for Italian Start-Ups

Digital entrepreneurships and students used a two-day Centre master-class at a Digital Creativity Summer School to learn how to apply creative and design thinking techniques to not only their products and services, but also their new businesses.

A Lego desktop walkthrough developed in the Digital Creativity Summer School

Roberta Cinus, a Marketing and Communications Consultant from Cagliari, said:

“Professor Maiden discussed with us also some creativity triggers able to ignite even more our ingenious brain gears, which I find really useful when thinking about customer experience and any marketing strategies or tactics. Thanks a lot.. ..for a great experience”

Digital Strategies for Audience Engagement

The Centre combined oral history interventions, user generated work with 18-25 year-olds and creative workshops to develop a new strategic plan for audience engagement by a London theatre venture called Arcola.

Ruth Tosha Mulandi, Commercial Manager at Arcola Theatre, said:

"The Centre supported us in developing creative and inclusive ways of engaging with our local audiences and communities by bringing our history alive through the use of digital tools and by enabling participants to contribute directly to the making and telling of this history. The resource, knowledge and input provided by the Centre enabled us to begin realising an ambition we had had for quite some time. It was hugely useful and refreshing to work with the Centre's team and to have their expert support in coming together in a number of brainstorming, planning and thinking sessions.”

Strategic Insights for Optometrists

The Centre designed and facilitated creative problem solving workshops for board members of the UK College of Optometrists to discover new solutions to strategic challenges.

Optometry equipment in use

Jo Mullin, Director of Policy and Strategy at the UK College of Optometrists said:

“I can say that the Board really enjoyed the sessions and we now have an excellent basis on which to approach the strategic away day in November. Thank you so much for making it so good and I really enjoyed working with you”

Enhancing Creative Citizen Engagement in Civil Projects

Our Centre worked with a start-up to design and evaluate a new digital platform for engaging citizens creatively in new projects. Cutting-edge co-design and co-creation techniques enabled people to generate, envision and prototype new ideas quickly.

Michael Kohn, the CEO of Stickyworld Ltd, said:

“We are extremely pleased to have engaged with the University as their service means our product benefits from an external objective team of experts looking at our product in detail and giving honest feedback. It is a relationship we hope to continue beyond the project”