Our people

Professor Costas Th Grammenos, CBE, DSc

Professor Costas Grammenos founded the International Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance in 1983; which was subsequently renamed The Costas Grammenos International Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance in April 2007.

He has been head of The Centre since its inception, and responsible for its design. Until 1997 Costas was Director of the world class MSc Shipping, Trade and Finance, introduced in 1984; and MSc Logistics, Trade and Finance introduced in 1997, and MSc Energy, Trade and Finance in 2003.

Education and career

Professor Grammenos has a BA in Economics, gained at Pantion University, Athens, an MSc in Financial Economics, obtained at Bangor University, Wales, and a DSc in Shipping Finance, City, University of London.

Professor Grammenos started his career in the National Bank of Greece in 1962, and was financial shipping expert at the Bank's head office in Athens from 1973-1974. He was Independent Researcher and Advisor from 1977 until 1982, and he joined City University in 1982 as Visiting Professor and became Professor of Shipping, Trade and Finance in 1986. He taught Shipping Investment and Finance where, in 1977, he introduced credit analysis and policy of bank shipping finance which since then, has been applied by most international banks. Professor Costas Grammenos is a former Pro-Vice Chancellor of City.

Publications and recognition

He wrote the well-known seminal monograph on the subject 'Bank Finance for Ship Purchase' (1978) and has written many studies and articles. He is the Editor of the major academic publication 'The Handbook of Maritime Economics and Business' (2002), LLP, where 50 leading academics from 30 universities in 19 countries contributed 39 chapters; the second edition of the Handbook was published in 2010. He has given papers and lectures in various parts of the world.

He created, through his published research, "Shipping Finance" as a new academic discipline, which is acclaimed as a "significant contribution to knowledge in Shipping, Trade and Finance" and he introduced, through the MSc's, a new approach in International Business "The Spherical Approach".

Grammenos was made OBE in 1994, for his work in International Shipping and Finance, and was 1998 Seatrade Personality of the Year. He was appointed CBE (Hon) in 2008 for "services to teaching and research"

Centre Faculty

Amir Alizadeh, BSc, MSc, PhD (City)
Reader in Shipping Economics

Costas Th GrammenosCBE, BA (Athens), MSc (Bangor), DSc (City)
LRF Professor of Shipping, Trade and Finance
Chairman, Costas Grammenos Centre for Shipping, Trade and Finance

Ioannis C Moutzouris, MEng (NTUA, Athens), MSc, MRes, PhD (City)
Lecturer in Shipping Finance & Analytics
Director, MSc in Energy, Trade and Finance 
The Shipping and Energy Research Programme Lead

Nikos NomikosBSc (Athens), MSc (Distinction, City), PhD (City)
Professor of Shipping Risk Management

Nikos C Papapostolou, BSc (University of Birmingham), MSc, PhD (City)
Reader in Shipping Finance
Director, MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance

Panos Pouliasis, BSc (Athens), MSc, PhD (City)
Senior Lecturer in Energy/Commodities Finance

Michael N Tamvakis, BSc Econ (Athens), MSc, PhD (City)
Professor of Commodity Economics and Finance

Visiting Professors & Fellows

Visiting Professors & Fellows

The Hon Apurv BagriDSc (Hon), Managing Director, Metdist Ltd
Visiting Professor

Professor Andrew Buxton, CMG DSc (Hon), Chairman, Merchant Bridge Ltd. Director, Development Bank of Singapore Ltd
Visiting Professor

Professor Daniel Giamourides , Athens University of Economics and Business
Senior Fellow

Professor Lord Griffiths of Fforestfach, MSc Econ, Vice-Chairman, Goldman Sachs Ltd; Chairman of Land Securities Trillium and previous Dean of Bayes Business School (formerly Cass) (1982-1985)
Visiting Professor

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, DSc (Hon) BA (LSE) MSc (City), Chairman, EasyGroup
Visiting Professor

Mr Roy Leighton, DSc (Hon), Chairman, Financial Services Skills Council
Visiting Professor

Dr Stelios Marcoulis, BA (City) MSc (LSE) MSc (City) PhD (City), Associate Professor of Finance, The Cyprus Institute of Management

Professor Basil Papachristidis, DSc, Chairman, Hellespont Holdings Ltd
Visiting Professor

Professor Martin Stopford, PhD, Executive Director, Maritime Economics for Professionals; Former MD, Clarkson Research Services Ltd; ED, Clarksons Plc
Visiting Professor

Professor Siri Strandenes, MSc, Professor, Norwegian School of Economics
Visiting Professor

Professor Wayne Talley, PhD, Fredrerick W. Beazley Professor of Economics; Executive Director, Maritime Institute, Old Dominion University
Visiting Professor

Professor Andreas R. Vergottis, Director - Head of Research & Advisor to Oceanic Equity Funds, Tufton Oceanic Finance Group.
Visiting Professor

Professor Eddy Van de Voorde, Professor of Port and Maritime Economics, University of Antwerp
Visiting Professor

Mr Mohsen Ziya, Founder and Managing Director, Neptune Energy Trading LLC 
Honorary Visiting Professor

Visiting Lecturers

Michael Fostiropoulos
Visiting Lecturer in Shipping Company Management

Susan Hawker
Visiting Lecturer in Shipping Law

Jay Jung
Senior Lecturer in Accounting

Duarte Pedreira
Visiting Lecturer in Trade Finance

George Politis
Visiting Lecturer in FinTech in Shipping

Harilaos N Psaraftis
Visiting Lecturer in Innovation in Shipping

Anastasia Richmond
Lecturer in Finance

Signal Group
Visiting Group of Lecturers in Big Data in Ship Commercial Management & Oil Trading

William Simper
Visiting Lecturer in Chartering

Kurt Vermeulen
Visiting Lecturer in Shipping Strategy

Past PhD Students

Angelos Arkoulis, "Important Factors for Shipping Companies in Raising Funds in the Equity and High Yield Capital Markets"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Costas Th, Grammenos

Kostas Andiosopoulos, "Modelling Spot Price, Risk Management and Investment Strategies for Energy Markets"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Nikos Nomikos, 2nd Supervisor: Prof. Amir Alizadeh

Patrapa Chadist, "Exploring and Managing Supply Chain Uncertainty Profitably"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Mohan Sodhi - 2nd Supervisor: Dr David Menachof

Kaizad Doctor, "Trading Strategies in the FFA Markets"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Nikos Nomikos

Alexandros Gabrielsen, "Correlation among developed and developing countries provides indications on market timing and equity premiums"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Amir Alizadeh - 2nd Supervisor: Prof. Costas Grammenos

Daniel Giamouridis, "Implied Probability Distributions: Estimation, Testing and Applications"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Michael Tamvakis

Maria Giamouzi, "An investigation into ways of optimising the competitive position of European ports"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Nikos Nomikos - 2nd Supervisor: Prof. ManMohan Sodhi

Hadi Hallouche, "Modelling Natural Gas Trade in the West Mediterranean
1st Supervisor: Prof. Michael Tamvakis

Melanie Houllier, "Electricity Spot Prices: Integration, Congestion and Volatility
2nd Supervisor: Prof. Michael Tamvakis

Haying (Jackie) Jia, "Market Conditions and the Functioning of Metal Futures Market
1st Supervisor: Prof. Michael Tamvakis

Xiaoye Jin, "Econometric Analysis of the Effect of US and China's Energy Demand on World Oil Prices"
1st Supervisor: Dr Sharon Lin - 2nd Supervisor: Prof. Michael Tamvakis

Emmanouil Karimalis, "Essays on Modelling and Forecasting Electricity prices in a deregulated market"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Nikos Nomikos - 2nd Supervisor: Prof. Amir Alizadeh

Sharon X. Lin, "Information Transmission in Energy Futures Markets"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Michael Tamvakis

Ioannis Moutzouris, "Asset Valuation in Dry Bulk Shipping"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Nikos Nomikos - 2nd Supervisor: Dr. Nikos C. Papapostolou

Nikos Nomikos, "Price Discovery, Risk Management and Forecasting in the Freight Futures Market”.
1st Supervisor: Dr Manolis Kavussanos, 2nd Supervisor: Prof. Costas Th Grammenos

Nikos C. Papapostolou, "Essay on the US Public Equity and High Yield Bond Markets as a Source of Finance for Shipping Companies"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Costas Th. Grammenos

Delia Richardson, "Investigating the Resilience Phenomena through evaluation of Weather Related Disruptions"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Mohan Sodhi, 2nd Supervisor: Dr Byung-Gak Son

Galina Sherman, "Cargo Screening - Optimisation and Analysis"
1st Supervisor: Dr David Menachof, 2nd Supervisor: Dr Byung-Gak Son

Orestes Soldatos, "Pricing Electricity Derivatives"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Nikos Nomikos

Risto Talas, "Supply Chain Operations and Security Risk Assessment and Management"
1st Supervisor: Dr David Menachof - 2nd Supervisor: Prof. Mohan Sodhi

Stefan Van Dellen, "The price-volume and volatility relationship in the shipping industry and how this relates to freight rate forecasting"
1st Supervisor: Prof. Nikos Nomikos - 2nd Supervisor: Prof. Amir Alizadeh

Guest Lecture Speakers

Mr A. M. Aas, Joint Managing Director, Shipping and Offshore, Clarksons Platou Project Finance AS

Mr A. Alexandropoulos, Vice President, Global Credit and Financing Solutions, Transportation, Energy and Infrastructure, Deutsche Bank AG, London Branch

Mr. H. Baker, Chief Financial Officer, Scorpio Bulkers Inc

Mr. R. Bedranowsky, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors, DVB Bank SE

Mr. N. Bunnemann, Managing Director, Herm Dauelsberg GmbH & Co KG

Mr M. Chalkias, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Prime Marine Management Inc.

Mr. D. Chopping

Mr. G. Duncan

Mr. M. Fostiropoulos, Director, Almi Tankers SA

Mr. M. Gialouris, Chief Financial Officer, Olympic Shipping & Management

Mr. R. Greiner, Partner, BDO, London, UK

Mr. N. Hansteen, Chief Economist, Lorentzen & Stemeco

Mr M. Halvorsen, Chief Executive Officer, Fearnley Securities Inc.

Mr. E. Helberg, Chief Executive Officer, Clarksons Platou Securities

Mr. I. Iliopoulos, Chief Executive Officer, Ceres Shipping Ltd

Mr. L. Lagaras, Head of Shipping Greece, Senior Vice President, HSH Nordbank

Mr. G. A. Lerkerod, Senior Vice President, Shipping Offshore and Oil Services, Nordea Bank Norge ASA

Mr. A. Ryland, Executive Director, DnB NOR Bank ASA

Mr. C. E. Toepfer, Chief Executive Officer, Borealis Maritime Ltd

Mr S. Tsantanis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp

Mr. A. A. Tsavliris, FICS, AIArb, Director, Tsavliris Shipping Ltd., London

Mr. E. Veniamis, Director, Golden Union Shipping