The Global MBA programme has been designed to provide a clear structure and supportive learning environment, whilst offering as much flexibility as possible in terms of how and what you study.

Year One

Year One includes:

  • Six fully online core modules, exploring the fundamental core skills for business and equipping you with breadth of knowledge about the functions of an organisation
  • A Professional Development module, which takes place at our London campus and offers a unique experiential programme of events focusing on your individual leadership development
  • An Integration Week that takes place in London and draws together all your learning from Year One, and puts it into practice during an applied business project.

Year Two

Year Two can be personalised, enabling you to specialise in the areas of most importance to your profession and career goals. It consists of:

If you want to mix your study mode and undertake some in-person learning in Year Two, you can also optionally choose up to two on-campus and two international electives.

On-campus modules take place in London, normally at our new, state-of the-art Finsbury Square campus, and are also an opportunity to join with peers on other Bayes MBA programmes.

International electives are in a range of global locations and are a unique opportunity to study industries in a completely new environment.

Please note that on-campus and international electives are optional for the Global MBA and have an additional fee.