Year Two of the Global MBA can be shaped and personalised according to your specific goals. There are three main elements to this stage of the programme.

Elective modules

Most students take six elective modules during Year Two and there is a large number of modules to choose from. Some subjects link back to the core modules you studied in Year One and dive deeper into specialist areas within them. Other areas are emerging areas of business that impact on decisions that leaders need to make now and in the future.

Corporate Social Responsibility core module

Learning about corporate social responsibility (CSR) is of paramount importance in today’s interconnected and conscious business landscape. The Global MBA embeds the significance of the topics included in CSR throughout the programme but this dedicated module is an important opportunity to reflect on and draw these aspects together.

Business Mastery project

You choose the topic for this significant piece of work, meaning you can ensure it has practical relevance and can be implemented to support your goals. You are supported throughout the process by a specialist supervisor, the course director and the wider Global MBA team.