One of the most valuable ways you can personalise your Global MBA is by choosing to specialise in a particular area of business via a concentration.

Concentrations are private recognitions achieved by taking at least 40 credits from specific elective modules in a subject group. This recognition is independent from the MBA award, which remains exactly the same.

These electives enable you to build depth of expertise in an area, as well as on the breadth of knowledge that the MBA provides. The electives within each concentration are thematically linked, but each will focus on a different angle of the subject you’ve chosen.

You can follow one or more concentrations if you have the flexibility to sign up for electives in different formats and there are no clashes in your timetable.

Choosing your concentration

The Global MBA currently offers fully online concentrations in five different areas:

  • Corporate strategy: this concentration builds on the core content of Year 1, developing advanced strategy skills. As well as exploring business models and change processes, there are opportunities to understand the competitive advantage that technology and innovation can offer.
  • Business analytics: the use of data to inform all areas of business has become increasingly important. Understand more about how data can be harnessed, communicated, and visualised to have the most impact for your professional practice.
  • Digital business: focuses on a range of current areas in the ever-evolving technology landscape. This concentration considers how these new and emerging areas shape business and how to effectively manage the continuous changes new developments bring.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship: often chosen by those who are running their own business or thinking about setting up their own venture in the future. Combining theory with practical considerations, this concentration can provide you with the foundations for a successful enterprise as well as exploring how to maximise value from innovation.
  • Finance: the fundamentals of corporate finance are a key part of Year 1 studies and this concentration offers the opportunity to specialise further in key areas such as investment strategy and real estate.

You can dive even deeper into an area or areas of your choice via the Business Mastery Project – a highly focused piece of work where you choose the subject that has the most relevance for you. You can choose to explore a business challenge you’re facing, research an emerging area of interest or build a business plan if you are planning on starting or expanding your own enterprise.

Taking a concentration is an optional part of your Global MBA, but it is a great way of evidencing your knowledge and expertise to employers, particularly if you are thinking of changing your career path or expanding your remit.