Inspiring our clients to successfully transform the ways in which they work.

The Centre for Charity Effectiveness (CCE) offers a bespoke management consultancy service to organisations across the nonprofit sector.

CCE consultants can support you and your organisation with

Our consultancy team

Our core strength is our people. All of our consultants are all leading experts in their field who have extensive experience and bring knowledge from a breadth of specialist backgrounds in the nonprofit, public and private sectors.

CCE consultants are experienced professionals focused on delivering tailored solutions to the nonprofit sector. Our aim is to build social sustainability. We do this through providing strategic level advice concentrated upon organisational competencies, capabilities and resilience.

- Alex Skailes, Director of Consulting and Professional Development, CCE

Our work

Every piece of work we undertake is bespoke and is tailored to meet the client’s needs. We work across a wide range of nonprofit organisations, specialist sub sectors and public and private bodies, aligning our goals directly with those of our clients.

From initial inspiration to ultimate impact, we work in partnership with organisations, allowing them to learn by practice and to adopt and adapt our processes and knowledge in their ongoing operations. Our aim is to share our learning and expertise with our clients for the ongoing benefit of their beneficiaries. Where appropriate, we work in partnership with leading law firms and financial advisory firms in order to deliver completely integrated advice.

What makes us different

Based within the world-class Business School at City, University of London, our work is grounded in evidence-based academic research and we are constantly connected to the very latest cutting-edge thinking and knowledge exchange.

Unlike many management consultancies, we are a nonprofit operation, reinvesting any surplus back into the Centre for Charity Effectiveness, allowing us to further our mission of promoting knowledge, learning and best practice through our professional development activities.

Thought leadership and knowledge exchange

A key part of our mission is to inspire positive transformation and change in the nonprofit sector through knowledge exchange. To this end, we actively support a range of thought leadership and knowledge exchange activities including our invitation-only breakfast discussion series for senior nonprofit leaders.

In partnership with Good Charity Bad Charity we deliver conversational podcasts designed to engage and stimulate thinking about current issues and challenges in the charity and nonprofit sector.  We publish reports and research, toolkits and guides on topics that support our consultancy work, including our recent Challenges in Contemporary Governance articles and reports, and our Building Better Governance guides. We regularly participate in high profile external conferences and events for the sector such as the Civil Society Trustee Exchange, NCVO and Third Sector Fundraising conferences.