Our Events Agenda

  • Regularly hosts Workshops, Seminars and Public Lectures on contemporary topics
  • Bi-Annually Organises the Emerging Scholars in Banking and Finance Conference

The Centre for Banking Research (CBR) has been a focal point of Bayes Business School`s research communication strategy with the academic and finance communities. Since its establishment, one of the core missions of CBR is disseminating its research through ConferencesSeminars, and Public Lectures, and welcome the world`s leading researchers, practitioners and policy makers to share their work.

Moreover, CBR Scholars participate in numerous conferences worldwide, engaging with the academic community, NGOs, international institutions, central banks, government policy departments and industry events to disseminate their work, help inform decision-making and develop solutions to the challenges in the sector.

See more information about our Past Events, bi-annually held conference on Emerging Scholars and regularly held Henry Thorton Lecture and Mais Lecture Series.

-As part of our Event agenda, we need to include the IWFSAS conference - see all the info here (including the call for paper)
-The agenda should also include the forthcoming Emerging Scholars in Banking and Finance Conference - it should say that the call for paper will be out in July.

The International Workshop on Financial System Architecture and Stability (IWFSAS) 2022

In 2022 we are hosting the seventh IWFSAS conference, bringing together leading academics, practitioners, and policymakers to discuss innovative research on a range of topics around financial institutions and markets.

Call for paper is available on the website of the conference. Deadline: June 15, 2022.