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28th August 2024
12 months

The Bayes Full-time MBA

Our Full-time MBA programme is a 12-month exploration of self-discovery, based in the heart of the City of London. Our intensive and experiential learning will increase your knowledge, skills and performance and your ability to think innovatively. You'll graduate equipped to put your education into practice and rise to the challenges of the ever changing global business environment.

This programme is ideal if you’re keen to study for an MBA at a leading global business school with triple crown accreditation and you’re looking for a unique blend of academic learning and practical application. It’s also ideal if you’re

  • In the early stage of your career and eager to accelerate to the next level
  • Looking to change role, location or industry
  • Wanting to start your own business
  • Keen to spend a year in London, making the most of all it has to offer.

An experiential emphasis

During the programme, you’ll learn from outstanding academics, policy makers, entrepreneurs and world-renowned business leaders. They’ll teach a lively mixture of lectures, workshops and projects that will keep you engaged and motivated, within a faculty that has an established reputation of excellence. But we’re not only about academic learning at Bayes. One of the reasons why students choose to study with us is that our learning is hands-on: with us, you’ll get real-life experience and the chance to integrate theory with practice.

You’ll have numerous opportunities to apply what you learn in real-world, practical situations. For instance, during integration weeks you'll apply your learning to a business, country or sector to resolve complex problems. The strategy project is a three-month period where you analyse a company that operates in the UK. You'll work as part of a team and take on the role of directors, senior managers and strategy consultants.

The international consultancy week is another highlight of our programme. You and your cohort will travel overseas and work directly with local businesses on genuine business challenges.

Lifelong learning

At Bayes, you’re always learning – and not just while you’re studying for your MBA.

Our MBA alumni have access to one free elective every year. That means after you’ve graduated, you'll be able to return to our London classroom to study an elective every year. You’ll benefit from annual upskilling and lifelong learning that reflects your evolving career, as well as a lifelong relationship with us.

Your cohort

You’ll learn alongside a talented and diverse cohort from around the world - approximately 80% of the Full time MBA cohort is from outside the UK - as you develop in personal leadership, team-building skills and business acumen.

You’ll work within some of the world’s major business centres in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and the United Arab Emirates. During these experiences you’ll test, refine and integrate your knowledge, using your MBA learning to address actual commercial issues.

Your career

Our Careers team will support you through key stages of your career development. They’ll give you training and guidance, a personalised professional development plan, invaluable insights into yourself and your career, and more.

You’ll also benefit from our careers curriculum, which we’ve designed in partnership with world leading experts in the fields of career management and professional development. It focuses on the essential skills that are expected from the Full-time MBA.

Your London campus

At Bayes, our outlook is uniquely progressive. This is reflected in our London location: we’re the only leading business school to have a campus situated between the City of London and Tech City, where centuries-old institutions such as the Bank of England are neighbours to cutting-edge start-ups with unicorn status. When you study with us, you’ll have the best of both worlds on your doorstep and all of the networking opportunities they’ll provide.

Your global network

As a Bayes student (and graduate), you’ll have access to our global network of alumni to support your career progression. Bayes alumni events in the UK and worldwide provide unique networking opportunities. Our active network comprises more than 50,000 professionals across 160 countries.

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