Full-time MBA Faculty

Full-time MBA Faculty

Bayes faculty include leading academics, policy makers and entrepreneurs with real industry experience. This ensures that lectures are not just theoretical but also touch upon current business scenarios.

A wide range of academics teach on the Full-time MBA including:


Dr Dimitris Paraskevopoulos, Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management and Full-time MBA Course Director
Analytics for Business
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Joelle Evans, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour
Corporate Social Responsibility
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Nick Bacon
Nick Bacon, Professor in Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management
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Aneesh Banerjee
Dr Aneesh Banerjee, Lecturer in Digital Technologies
Digital Technologies and Business Innovation
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Roy Bachelor
Roy Bachelor, Professor of Banking and Finance
Business in the Global Economy
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Laura Empson
Laura Empson, Professor in the Management of Professional Service Firms
Organisational Behaviour
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Alessandro Giudici
Alessandro Giudici, Senior Lecturer in Management
Strategy Project
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Navid Izady
Navid Izady, Senior Lecturer in Operations Research
Operations Management
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Arthur Kraft
Arthur Kraft, Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Accounting and Financial Reporting
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Meziane Lasfer
Meziane Lasfer, Professor of Finance
Corporate Finance
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Keith Cuthbertson, Professor of Finance
Markets and Investments
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Zachary Estes, Professor of Marketing
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