Dedicated to your success

At the Career and Professional Development Centre our aim is to offer training and guidance in employability skills enabling you to make the most of your MBA and increase your chances in the jobs market. We will guide you on how to prepare and implement your strategy to achieve your own career objectives, whether you are progressing in your current career or changing direction.

The support we offer can be tailored to your individual needs and career objectives through our comprehensive range of lectures, workshops, personal advice and online resources. Our self-assessment sessions will help evaluate your strengths, motivations and values, and enable you to relate these to your career strategy.

Corporate engagement

At Bayes Business School we engage with institutions in a variety of ways; one of the benefits of being in the heart of the City of London.

Our students have a wealth of opportunities to build relationships through the diverse ways in which organisations engage with our talent.

For example we host conferences, hold recruitment presentations, have round table ‘coffee chats’, companies provide dissertation projects, and engage with our students through clubs and societies.

Institutions that have engaged with us recently include:

Credit Suisse, London Stock Exchange, Deloitte, Accenture, HSBC, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Macquarie Bank, Bain & Co, Bank of England, Nomura, Blackrock, Uber, BNP Paribas, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Amazon, Nespresso, Kraft Heinz, Capco, PwC, EY, GSK, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Societe Generale, RBC Asset Management.

One-to-one support

From the start of term you will work with a member of the Careers Team who will be available to support you throughout your time at Bayes. In particular, they will help you focus on your job search strategy as well as providing you with expert CV, interview and networking advice. Industry specialists and career coaches are also available to help build a clear picture of your career options.

Careers Platform (Bayes Careers Online)

Bayes Careers Online (BCO) is your personal career management tool. With everything from booking events to job vacancies, you'll find invaluable assistance to aid every step of your career search.
BCO enables you to:

  • View and book upcoming careers events and workshops
  • Apply for jobs, projects and work placements and keep track of your applications
  • View company profiles and information
  • Choose to allow employers to view your CV by having it featured in our MBA CV Book

Devoted time

On Thursdays you take a break from core modules and focus on all your career related activities. This could involve conducting networking meetings or informational interviews, researching your target sector or company, writing applications, tailoring your CV, taking part in a mock interview or attending professional development workshops in smaller groups.

Career impact

The Full-time MBA provides our students with the platform to enter the global business world and make an impact. The Class of 2020 made successful transitions into different functions, sectors and locations, 87% of the students made at least one change.


changed function post-MBA


changed industry post-MBA


changed location post-MBA

Not only will you gain invaluable business knowledge, key abilities and skills, but also have access to leading careers support and advice.

*Data presented was collected from graduates who completed the career’s survey post-graduation.