Smart Beta - a series of white papers sponsored by Invesco PowerShares

Commissioned by Invesco PowerShares and delivered by Cass Business School, City University London, these papers look at the origins, effectiveness and due diligence implications of smart beta.

What is the empirical evidence for Smart Beta? Is it possible to build portfolios of Smart Beta vehicles? What are the implications for investors' due diligence when using Smart Beta vehicles?

Invesco PowerShares is the proud sponsor of a series of white papers produced by Cass Business School's Centre for Asset Management Research. The first paper looks at the origins of smart beta. The second paper in this series focuses on the empirical evidence for 'smart beta' investing. The third paper explores the possibility of building portfolios with smart beta vehicles. The fourth and final paper considers the implications for investor due diligence when using 'smart beta' mutual funds and ETFs.

"Smart Beta is becoming an increasingly popular component in investors' portfolios and these products are becoming ever more mainstream," commented Bryon Lake, Head of Invesco PowerShares - EMEA. "We were pleased to link with Cass Business School and believe that these papers will help inform and educate investors in how they can be used effectively within portfolios."

All 4 white papers are available for download at the links below. If you wish to discuss this work further, please contact Clare Avery, Business Development Manager for Cass Consulting, at


{Part 1: Origins. What is smart beta?}{}; {Part 2: What lies beneath? What is the evidence for smart beta?}{}; {Part 3: Factors assembled. Is it possible to build smart beta portfolios?}{}; {Part 4: Monitoring challenges. How does smart beta change investors' approach to due diligence?}{}