Previous workshops

Previous Workshops

Term 3 2023


Research Seminar Series 
Term 3 2023

25th May 2023Kurt Sandholtz, BYU Marriott School of Business
1st June 2023Pooyan Khashabi, ESSEC
15th June 2023Christian Busch, USC
21st June (Wednesday) 2023Paul Adler, USC
22nd June 2023Naliya Ordabayeva, Tuck School of Business
26th June (Monday) 2023Siobhan O'Mahony, Boston University
29th June 2023Filippo Wezel,  USI
13th July 2023Sergei Savin, The Wharton School

Term 2 2023


Research Seminar Series 
Term 2 2023

26th January 2023Christian Hampel, Imperial College London
16th February 2023Juliane Reinecke, Saïd Business School
23rd February 2023Llewellyn Thomas, IESE
2nd March 2023Sascha Raithal, Freie Universität Berlin
9th March 2023Ashley Metz, Tilburg University
23rd March 2023Andrew Parker, Durham University
22nd March 2023 (Wednesday)Maqbool Dada, Johns Hopkins University
30th March 2023Kevin Rockmann, George Mason University
6th April 2023Shirah Foy, TBS Education
13th April 2023Han Kyul Oh, Tilburg University

Term 3 2022

Research Workshop Series
Term 3 2022
5th May 2022Mats Alvesson, Lund University
19th May 2022Nicolas Bastardoz, KU Leuven
26th May 2022Massimo Maoret, IESE Business School
14th June 2022Julien Cayla, Nanyang Business School
16th June 2022Kristin Diehl, University of Southern California
20th June 2022Tingting Yan, Wayne State University
30th June 2022Margherita Pagani, SKEMA Business School
5th July 2022Amy Dalton, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Term 2 2022

Research Workshop Series
Term 2 2022
17th February 2022Jan Recker, Universistat Hamburg
3rd March 2022Riccardo Fini, University of Bologna
10th March 2022Elena Giovannoni, Royal Holloway University of London
17th March 2022Sirio Lonati, NEOMA Business School
22nd March 2022Sabine Brunswicker, Purdue University
24th March 2022Matt Cummins, ESSEC
7th April 2022Stefano Tasselli, Erasmus University
14th April 2022David Clough, UBC Sauder School of Business
28th April 2022Arianna Marchetti,  London Business School

Term 1 2021

DateResearch  Workshop Series  
Term 1 2021
7th October 2021Maciej Workiewicz, ESSEC
14th October 2021Ivanka Visnjic, ESADE
27th October 2021Peeter Verlegh, VU Amsterdam
28th October 2021Jovana Karanovic, Erasmus University
4th November 2021Pier Vittorio Mannucci, London Business School

11th November 2021

Anna Grandori, Bocconi University
18th November 2021Halszka Lelen, University of Warmia and Mazury
25th November 2021Paulo Arvate, School of Business Administration of the Getulio Vargas Foundation
2nd December 2021Paolo Quattrone, The University of Manchester
9th December 2021Linus Dahlander, ESMT Berlin

Term 3 2021


Research Workshop Series 
Term 3 2021

27th May 2021Timothy Folta, University of Connecticut
3rd  June 2021Amelia Compagni & Giulia Cappellaro, Bocconi University
10th June 2021Andy Wu, Harvard Business School
17th June 2021Ryan Raffaelli, Harvard Business School
24th June 2021Ben Holt, British Red Cross
1st July 2021Vlad Babich, Georgetown University

Term 2 2020 - 21


Research Workshop Series 
Term 2 2020-21

4th February 2021Yuval Millo, University of Warwick
11th February 2021

Kalle Lyytinen, Case Western Reserve University

25th February 2021Arnaldo Camuffo, Bocconi University
3rd March 2021Veronica Hay Villena Martinez, Penn State University
11th March 2021Navid Asgari, Fordham University
25th March 2021Claudio Giachetti, University of Venice
1st April 2021Stella Seyb, University of Oaklahoma
9th April 2021Amber Epp,  University of Wisconsin-Madison
15th April 2021Dovev Lavie, Bocconi University
29th April 2021Anne Smith,  University of Tennessee Knoxville

Term 1 2020 - 21

Date & room number

Research Workshop Series 
Term 1 2020

1st October 2020

George Chondrakis, ESADE

8th October 2020

Koen Pauwels, Northeastern University, Raoul V. Kübler, WWU Münster

15th October 2020Henri Schildt, Aalto University
22nd October 2020Sebastiano Massaro, Surrey Business School
29th October 2020Bryant Hudson, IÉSEG
5th November 2020Markus Giesler, Schulich School of Business
19th November 2020Joerg Sydow and Carolin Aushcra, Freie Universität Berlin
26th November 2020Sabina Siebert, Adam Smith Business School
3rd December 2020Philipp Kern, Institute for International Management
10th December 2020Marco Tonellato, LMU

Term 2 2019 - 20

Date & room number

Research Workshop Series 
Term 2 2019-20

23rd January 2020

Stefano Puntoni, Rotterdam School of Management

Consumers and autonomous technology: An emerging framework

6th February 2020Luigi Marengo, LUISS
Make, Buy, or Re-design. The impact of digital technologies on the organization of production
11th February 2020

Leif Nelson,  University of California Berkeley

Closing the gap between scientific claims and scientific truths: Policies and anecdotes from consumer research, psychology, and behavioral economics

13th February 2020

Nicola Breugst, TUM

Digital images as entrepreneurial opportunities: Insights from social media influencers

20th February 2020

Bart Vanneste, UCL

Generalised trust, external sourcing and firm performance

27th February 2020

Tobias Kretchmer, LMU

Platform Competition and User Generated Content: Evidence from Game Wikis (with Johannes Loh)

5th March 2020

David Kirsch, Robert Smith School of Business

Technology-ology in Strategic Management: An Application to Technology-led Market Transformation

Term 3 2017 -18

DateTerm 3 2017 - 18
26th AprilBruno Cirillo, SKEMA Business School
The effect of knowledge and social interdependencies on inventors' outward mobility and entrepreneurship  
2nd May Henk Volberda, Erasmus University
Modes of Business Model Innovation 
3rd MayStine Gordal, Boston University
Big, Beige and Bulky: Aesthetic Shifts in the hearing aid industry (1945-2015) 
10th MayClaus Rerup, Frankfurt School of Business and Management
Time pacing and attentional triangulartion: The Pearl Jam concert accident at Roskilde Festival 
31st MaySiobhan O'Mahoney, Boston University
Explaining the Escalation of Activism through Repertoire reconfiguration
7th JuneVioletta Splitter, University of Zurich
Employees' participation in strategy making over time: The recursive relation between participation and resources 
14th JuneBenjamin Warnick, Washing State University
The dangers of transforming a hobby into a business: How and why obsessive passion enhances venture performance at the expense of entrepreneurial well-being
21st JuneChristopher Steele, Alberta School of Business
Reworking the 'truth machine': How data analysts and others, (re)construct the epistemic practices of organizations 
27th JuneAhmet Colak, Clemson University
Title TBC 
28th JuneRaffaele Conti, Catolica Lisbon
The impact of entrepreneurship on pay discrimination: Evidence from and entry deregulation reform in Portugal