Research workshops

The schedule includes the discussion of research from within the faculty and external speakers from other institutions. Attendance is open to staff, PhD students and people interested from outside the university. The workshops will run online or hybrid (in person and Zoom) from 13:00 - 14:00 (*unless otherwise stated).

For more information please contact either Dr Simone Santoni or Faculty Administration.


Research Workshop Series 
Term 1 2022

Seminar mode
6th October 2022John Antonakis, HEC Lausanne, University of LausanneHybrid
13th October 2022Vivianna Fang  He, University of St.GallenHybrid
17th November 2022Delphine Dion, ESSECHybrid
1st December 2022Eduardo Andrade,Imperial College LondonHybrid
8th December 2022Elena Doldor, Queen Mary University of LondonHybrid