During the course of the last 35 years, The Centre has received generous support in the form of scholarships, prizes and bursaries from many supporters.


The Matrona Michael Xylas (MMX) Scholarship

The Matrona Michael Xylas (MMX) Scholarship was established by Mr Nick Comninos Xylas in 2021 and is given in honour of academic excellence, demonstration of financial need, and promise of continued growth. The Matrona Michael Xylas (MMX) Scholarship is of the value of £12,000 to be offset against tuition fees.

Learn more about the Matti Michael Xylas (MMX) Scholarship.

Maria Tsakos Public Benefit Foundation Scholarships

Provides two scholarships of £25,000 each, which may be shared by two or more students. The overall scholarships amount may change annually.

George and Victoria Karelias Public Benefit Foundation Scholarship

Established in 2004, The Foundation considers annually applications from Greek students for studies abroad, amongst them the MSc in Shipping, Trade and Finance. The selection and decision process is made directly by the Foundation.

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Channoil Consulting Prize

A prize of £500 each year to the best performing student of the MSc Energy, Trade and Finance.

The FIS Prize

Annual prize of £500 for the best dissertation in any area relating to shipping risk management.