Testimonials from Visiting Scholars

Melanie Richards, University of Bath

My time at ETHOS was tremendously inspiring because every member of the ETHOS community has a fascinating research focus and unique expertise in the field of corporate responsibility. This combination of research expertise and real-world exposure made my time as visiting scholar particularly valuable. Moreover, the scholars of ETHOS are highly collegial and nurturing and provided me with invaluable feedback on my current and future work.

Emilio Marti, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

It was a formative experience to become part of the ETHOS team right after my PhD and to stay here for 20 months. One thing that I particularly liked is that ETHOS team members build bridges between non-mainstream theories and the mainstream discourse in management research. I also wanted to improve my qualitative methods skills and during my visit, I benefited enormously from attending classes by Bayes faculty members and discussing ideas with them. Finally, my colleagues at ETHOS were always ready to discuss new ideas and I fondly remember the many lunches we had at the Whitecross Street Market or in one of the many Shoreditch restaurants. I am grateful that I was able to experience this.

Iona Lupu, Associate Professor, Accounting & Management Control Department, ESSEC Business School, France.

'I attended Ethos workshops between 2015-2018, first as a visiting Marie-Curie Fellow at Bayes and then as a Lecturer at Queen Mary University London and Associate Professor at ESSEC France.  I remember that time with pleasure and regret that I am not closer to be able to attend it more often. Ethos meetings represented for me a time of exchange and constructive feedback and I highly appreciated the collegiality in which exchanges took place, the mix between junior and senior researchers, all animated by the idea to change the world through research. Ethos is for me a place that fosters novel ideas and encourages high quality research in the area of corporate responsibility and sustainability’.

Fannie Couture, Doctoral Researcher, The University of Sydney Business School, Australia

'As a visiting PhD student at Bayes Business School, I had the chance to attend several Ethos seminars and present some of my work. The Centre provided me with an incredible opportunity to exchange with my peers on critical issues relating to responsible enterprise, get challenged by new ideas, and receive rich feedback from both doctoral researchers and professors on my research’

Anne Sophie Barbe, Université Jean Moulin

'I came to ETHOS as a visiting doctoral student during the third year of my PhD. I really enjoyed my time there as the ETHOS community is both welcoming and challenging, for all scholars. When I presented my research, I received very insightful feedback that had major impact on my work’.