ETHOS: The Centre for Responsible Enterprise

Workshop on Decolonizing the Business School Curriculum held on January 28, 2021.

In this virtual workshop, we explored what it means to decolonize the business school curriculum. Facilitated breakout groups explored what this might look like in practice in terms of curriculum design, teaching, administration and research. Groups discussed possibilities of decolonizing specific subjects in the business school curriculum such as International Business, Strategy, Organisational Behaviour, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility among others. We encourage participants to reflect on their own education practices and identify areas for change.

The workshop will be useful for people teaching and working in business schools. It will give participants an opportunity to work in small groups to identify practical steps they might take to push for a transformational change to decolonize the business school curriculum.

What we do

ETHOS is a leading centre for cutting edge thinking about responsible enterprise, based in the City of London at Bayes Business School. The three key pillars for guiding exploration efforts at ETHOS are responsibility, sustainability, and governance.

Responsibility - How might organisations be made responsible for their social and environmental impacts, to whom are they accountable, and how can we ensure they play a more responsible role in society?

Sustainability - How can we ensure that organisations and their operations remain sustainable and take into account long-term environmental and social impacts?

Governance - How can we ensure that our organisations and institutions serve the public interest? How can we deal with prioritization and marginalization of interests in our systems of governance?

ETHOS engages in world-class research, teaching and engagement on responsibility, sustainability, and governance, and at ETHOS we have attracted some of the world's leading faculty on these areas. ETHOS has extensive links with researchers, NGOs, companies and policy makers around the world, and our work is extensively reported in international media.


Our research has appeared in some top scientific journals and looks over our three key pillars. Take a closer look at the research from ETHOS.