The future charity chair

A research project looking at the essential attributes that charity Chairs of the future will need to embrace.

The past decade has seen monumental change and uncertainty all around. Despite this, the UK charity sector has continued to make an ever-increasing contribution to society. As the pace of change looks set to continue, it is likely that the world will look very different ten years from now. Charity leaders will need to continue evolving and developing, to meet the needs that the role demands.

This research will delve into the topic through roundtable discussions and in-depth interviews with leaders in the sector, culminating in a thought leadership report due in Spring/Summer 2024. This research is under the lead sponsorship of Bayes Centre for Charity Effectiveness (CCE) and is also sponsored by Green Park, and supported by partners, the Association of Chairs and Crowe UK LLP.

The steering committee driving the project comprises of Alex Skailes (Bayes CCE), Daniel Chan (PwC), Helen Baker (Shelter), Kai Adams (Green Park), Lynne Berry (Bayes CCE), Malcolm McCaig (United Response), Ros Oakley (Association of Chairs), and project managed by Dawn McNish (Crowe UK LLP).

Approach and scope

The research aims to:

  • Contribute ideas that will help to shape the future development and recruitment of charity Chairs.
  • Enhance the future sustainability of the charity sector by highlighting longer term considerations for Board discussion.
  • Provide fresh thinking to positively influence regulation and best practice guidance for the sector.
  • Emphasise the value of good charity governance and the need for it to continually evolve to remain relevant.

This project has been approved by Bayes Business School (formerly Cass), City, University of London Ethics Committee. All data and comments from those participating will be confidential and will not be identifiable unless permission is given.

Get involved

There are various ways that you and your organisation can get involved. We are seeking 'forward thinking' contributors who would like to be part of a roundtable discussion or individual interview. We also welcome supporters who can share the details with their network.

Please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

What a difference a decade makes

The Future Charity Chair steering committee held their first workshop in July 2023, inviting representatives from a range of charities to come and share their valuable insights and experience. Please see the write up from this workshop below.

What a difference a decade makes! And what will it take to be a Charity Chair in 2033?