Charities master's programmes

The five MScs

If you are interested in one of the courses, please talk to members of the academic team on one of our information sessions.

Identifying and nurturing the nonprofit leaders of tomorrow, today

Since 1994 Bayes CCE has been at the forefront in delivering ground breaking postgraduate education in nonprofit management. We are justifiably proud of our preeminent position as a leading provider of senior management and leadership education in nonprofit management outside North America.

Who is it for?

Targeted toward the senior managers and nonprofit leaders of the future, this unique suite of master's degrees combines deep insight and learning across five specialist pathway disciplines with a full understanding of the management and leadership competencies necessary to equip you to meet the challenge of leading effectively in the contemporary nonprofit environment.

By joining you become part of one of the largest cohort of nonprofit management learners in Europe, gaining as much from the diverse experience and knowledge of your colleagues as from our advanced programme of structured learning.

Teaching and career progression

Our faculty all internationally-acclaimed combine academic and theoretical rigour with practical nonprofit management application and work-based illustration.

Career progression by students and alumni to senior positions across the nonprofit sector is impressive, as is our commitment to the highest standards of teaching quality and pastoral support, ensuring that over 95% of starters complete the programme.

The Bayes learning experience

The two-year, part-time structure of our charities master's allows students the flexibility of choosing the level of their qualification (Postgraduate Diploma or MSc), and whether they want to cover one subject in depth through a dissertation or a further specialist area (through teaching), to complete the full Master's.

All the charities master's courses require attendance once a month for teaching. Teaching usually commences at 13:00 on a Friday afternoon and finishes at 18:00 on a Saturday at Bayes Business School. Students should allow at least ten hours per week of non-taught, personal study in their own time.

Students are also required to commit to additional time for the induction programme, action learning sets and exams.

"[My degree at the Business School] has given me a far better overview of charities, and how voluntary organisations should work, and made me a better, all-round leader. For those interested in pursuing a career in management in the voluntary sector, I would recommend it very highly."

- Ollie Wilson, Charity Head of Communications

Read more about our alumnus Ollie's experience on the MSc in Voluntary Sector Management.

Entry requirements

The Charities Master's programme is aimed at applicants who hold a first degree and three of more years work experience in a similar role and/or related professional qualification. Exact requirements may differ depending upon which of the five courses you choose to study.

Further information

To find out more, please visit the pages highlighted above which have individual brochures available to download.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Funding for the courses

You may wish to look at the Government's postgratuate loan option for funding.


The Charities Master's courses were accredited by the Nonprofit Academic Centers Council (NACC) in January 2019  as the only programme in Europe to be included in the first group reviewed. NACC Accreditation fosters third sector academic programmes worldwide, including nonprofit and non-governmental studies and management, social entrepreneurship, social-purpose organisations leadership, and philanthropy studies and management, all with curricula that places the civil sector at the centre of the curricular perspective.