Commissioned Research and Consultancy

Our Work on Commissioned Research and Consultancy

"Our research and consultancy reports are the products of interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-sector partnerships that are tackling some of the biggest issues facing the banking sector."

Drawing on the expertise of a broad range of scholars and researchers, CBR undertakes commissioned research and offers consultancy services, which deliver original and impactful research to, for example, explore current challenges and identify best practice in banking.

Commissioned Research

We research and report on specific financial and current geopolitical issues affecting the banking industry. Grounded in quantitative research and analytical expertise, we provide insights and analysis on a variety of topics. Through our reports, we make the latest research findings available to our clients and the wider community. These can be used to inform business strategy and operations and/or as thought-leadership pieces for training and PR purposes.

Consulting Services

We provide consulting on a case- by- case basis, based on the availability of our members. Through our consulting services we deliver tailored analysis, provide informed advice and guidance to the banking sector, as well as to public institutions.

Why Work with us?

  • Our members are world leading experts in their field and are independent and committed to undertaking high quality research in finance and banking.
  • We can provide access to academic expertise from around the world and can apply the latest thinking and findings directly to industry.
  • We provide opportunities to network with the Centre’s academic community, members, Bayes Business School alumni, business partners and sponsors.
  • To become part of the dynamic learning community at Bayes Business School

Engaging Our Services

If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact Clare Avery, Business Development Manager for Bayes Business School via

Selected Recent Projects

Making the Case for a Post Bank 

This report sets out the case for establishing a Post Bank in the UK.

Brexit and Non-EU Banks: Challenges and Opportunities

This report sets out the implications of the EU IPU proposals and the potential effectiveness of the delegation management model, as an alternative to corporate restructuring.

Report on Building Societies

The results of the report formed the basis of the book “Building Societies in the Financial Services Industry” by B. Casu and A. Gall

View the Report on Building Societies.