Our Vision

To be a leading global Business School that builds and sustains communities of inquisitive practitioners who positively impact business and the professions, and ultimately, benefit society and the environment.

Our Purpose

At Bayes, we champion the spirit of purposeful enquiry. Our aim is to cultivate a persistent sense of curiosity rooted in knowledge and practice.

It is what drives us to ask important questions, develop creative approaches to problems, and transform practice.

We believe the best leaders are always open to new information when making decisions. When they uncover relevant new insights, they update their views and act with determination.

Our Mission

This is why we nurture a diverse community of people who bring varying perspectives. It is why we champion those who are willing to learn from others but also have the courage and independence to do things differently.

It is why we encourage innovative teaching that is rooted in the best theory and practice, and challenges not just what we think, but how we think.

And it is why we undertake ground-breaking research at the edge of practice.

Always curious. Always bold. Always learning.

Our Principles: Care. Learn. Act.

Our unique culture is shaped by three "Bayes principles:"


We care for each other and for the world around us. We are inclusive, collegial, and value diversity.


We (re)think. We are curious, rational thinkers who make decisions based on the best available information. We are open-minded and inquisitive. That means that we are never too wedded to our assumptions. If we uncover new insights indicating that we should change our mind, we do.


We shape the world through our actions. We always act with integrity. When we can change something for the better, offer help, or make a difference, we choose to do so. Change is possible if we have the courage to make it happen.

Our educational approach

In line with our Bayes Principles, we focus on teaching our students how to think, not what to think. We challenge our community to be persistently curious, ask important questions, and be responsive to new information and adapt their thinking accordingly.

We prepare our students to become highly skilled and versatile professionals capable of excelling in uncertain environments.

The Bayes approach balances theory and practice. Students apply what they learn to real-life business challenges to see the impact learning has. Our world-leading faculty works closely with industry leaders so we can equip students with the insights, skills and confidence they need to thrive in the dynamic business world.

We personalise students’ career support to their individual ambitions, offering assistance as needed.

Our research

Bayes Business School is renowned for its world-class research – which is as relevant to business and society as it is to academia.

Our faculty explore imaginative new angles, asking difficult questions to produce ground-breaking research that has a positive impact on business, society and the environment.

They bring their research into the classroom, so our students are always at the forefront of theories and business trends.

Our location

We are based at the heart of one of the most exciting capitals in the world.

As well as being home to Tech City, nearby Shoreditch and Clerkenwell are famous for their fashion, art, markets and restaurants. The capital also has fascinating history at every turn – particularly on the campus’s doorstep in the City of London.

Our neighbours range from the financial giants of the Square Mile, to eminent institutions like the Bank of England, to exciting start-ups and scale-ups. Our strong links with many of these businesses provide up-to-date input into our research and teaching. They also offer invaluable sponsorship and employment opportunities for our students and alumni.