At Bayes Business School, we want everyone to have an equal opportunity to contribute to and influence every part of our School and society.

A robust Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programme is vital for the health and future of any organisation. In order to produce a new generation of highly skilled, responsible professionals, as a School we need to lead by example.

In June 2020, there was increasing awareness of the links between Sir John Cass and the slave trade, which made us and our stakeholders reflect on whether such a link was consistent with our values. We have now changed our name and in line with our values and principles, we have increased our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion at Bayes, by embedding such concerns into everything that we do.


Professor Lilian M de Menezes was appointed the first Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Bayes in January 2022. Using extensive experience of championing diversity through research into equal opportunity and wellbeing, Lilian leads on the School’s DEI strategy, delivering on our objectives and goals through a wide range of activities.

DEI Council

The Council has nine expert members, including Bayes and City alumni, who advise and support the School’s DEI leadership team in developing and monitoring its strategy. Douglas Board and Naomi Hulston co-chair the DEI Council.

DEI Committee

Our DEI Committee includes academics, professional staff and student representatives and drives the DEI agenda within the School. It is chaired by Prof Lilian M de Menezes and meets at least once in each academic term.

DEI team initiatives

The DEI team leads an engaging programme of initiatives embedding DEI both at the School and in our relationships with the wider community. Current projects include:

  • Inclusive teamworking workshops
  • Historical walks
  • Inspirational work with schools (including engagement with secondary schools and inspirational visits).

Race Equity and Inclusion (REI) at Bayes

Improving race equity is a priority for Bayes. Our Director for Race Equity and Inclusion Malla Pratt has developed a number of important initiatives including the Racial Equity and Inclusion Network and HR and Students’ Working Groups.

The Racial Equity and Inclusion Network (REIN) - Provides a safe-space for discussions within the BAME staff community at Bayes, where suggestions and feedback on diversity and inclusion initiatives are also considered. REIN has links with the Network for Racial Justice (NRJ) - a staff affinity group for People of Colour (PoC) at City, bringing together staff who feel passionate about racial justice and want to see a truly inclusive environment at City.

HR Working Group – Covers staff-related issues. The School’s HR academic experts support the University with HR policy that addresses the concerns of BAME staff, e.g., with regards to diversity in representation, progression, equity and inclusion.

Students’ Working Group – Monitors and supports student-related inclusion initiatives. It is a subset of the REI Advisory Group, and thus includes professional and academic staff, as well as student representatives.

Clarice MetzgerBlack in Business at Bayes (BIBB) is a student-run society founded and led by Clarice Metzger. The society is dedicated to increasing the representation of and advancing Black professionals in the business world.

Women at Bayes

We support women to succeed in their careers and achieve their goals. Our dedicated programmes and networks span our staff, students, alumni, and partners.

Global Women's Leadership Programme

Janina SteinmetzThe Bayes Global Women’s Leadership Programme shows why and how organisations should support gender-balanced leadership. We organise workshops to empower women in business, community work, mentoring or other initiatives, while nurturing networks that help build an ecosystem essential for women’s success. We coordinate scholarships and disseminate our research to establish Bayes as an authority on gender-balanced leadership.

The GWLP is led by its Academic Director Dr Janina Steinmetz.

Women in Business Society

The Women in Business Society is a student society that supports aspiring women leaders and promotes gender equality, inclusion and diversity in the workplace. We welcome all Bayes students who want to challenge gender inequality and the underrepresentation of women in business.

Bayes Academic Women

Bayes Academic Women are an informal network of academics to support and develop women in their academic career. It is led by Professor Laura Empson and Dr Giacinta Cestone.

Athena Swan

Bayes Business School is part of City, University of London, which holds the Athena Swan Bronze Award. The Award recognises the University’s commitment to gender equality.

LGBTQ+ at Bayes

We cultivate an inclusive environment for our community members through student and staff networks.

Student society

We promote and celebrate diversity in business and professional settings to help individuals be happy and proud of who they are. Visit the Bayes LGBTQ+ website.

Staff network at City

A forum for networking and to provide peer support between City LGBTQI+ staff, the Students’ Union, the Student LGBTQI+ Society, other universities and external agencies. We work to shape policy and embed best practice that is inclusive in language and diversity.


Bayes scholarships enable the most deserving students to study at Bayes – whatever their circumstances. The confidence, qualifications and leadership skills they gain will benefit the business world and the community.

Bayes female scholars (GWLP)

We help equip women with the tools, skills and insights to help achieve their career goals. While we focus on Bayes women – past, current and future – we also build strong ties with businesses, societies, research institutions and regulatory bodies.

Executive Master’s in Medical Leadership

The six Covid-19 Medical Leadership Commemoration Scholarships are in memory of the many doctors who died during the pandemic. The majority of doctors who fell victim to Covid-19 are from Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities, which are also represented in the scholarships.

UG scholarships for Black students

A scholarship programme for Black UK-domiciled undergraduate students. This programme will run over a ten-year period from 2022 and offer ten scholarships per year. The aim of the scholarship programme is to achieve greater racial diversity in the School.

Boyle-Rodney Fund

The Boyle-Rodney Fund was set up in 2022 by James Boyle (MSc Real Estate Investment, 1997) to pay tribute to lead tutor Bill Rodney, for helping to launch so many successful and rewarding careers in the connected fields of finance and real estate, and beyond. The fund supports Master’s students with financial need, by covering fees and offering a stipend.