Start-ups - reviewing the research into new venture creation

Researchers have carried out the first major review into new venture creation in two decades.

New venture creation (commonly associated with the term Start-Up) engenders the majority of new employment in an economy. Its importance to management research cannot be understated.

However, streams of research on the topic are fragmented and as yet no cohesive body of knowledge on the subject exists.

Given that the last systematic review of the topic was published in 2003, and that the topic has evolved significantly since then, an overview and research outlook are long overdue.

Therefore, to provide a contemporary perspective, researchers have performed a systematic review of 143 papers published in top management and entrepreneurship journals since 2003.

Relevant papers were arranged into ten categories, and then organised into the three major stages of starting up a new (independent) venture — co-creating, organising, and performing.

These form an overarching framework that provides a cohesive story of the past and directs future research on creating new ventures.

The accepted version of Creating New Ventures: A review and research agenda is available for download at City Research Online. The final version has been published in Journal of Management.