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Giving Trends Top 300 Foundations - 2014 Report

Key Facts and Figures on Giving, Income and Assets in the Top 300 UK Charitable Foundations

This is the first edition of a new series of research briefings entitled Foundation Giving Trends. Building on the track record of its companion Family Foundations Giving Trends, these briefings will reveal key data about the vast majority of trust and foundation giving in the UK. Although there are roughly 10,000 foundations in the UK, the top 300 account for 90% of the value of all their giving. The research programme, headed by Professor Cathy Pharoah, is a collaboration between the Centre for Giving and Philanthropy at Cass Business School and the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF), substantially supported by the Pears Foundation. The data in the report comes mainly from foundations' annual accounts and a survey of ACF members. In places we have invited experts to comment on its significance.

The full report is available for download at the link below.


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