Our finance research is ranked 25th in the world and we are ranked in the top five schools in Europe for banking research. Key strengths include Asset Pricing and Financial Econometrics where our academics conduct collaborative research with researchers from leading universities in the the US and Europe as well as with institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank for International Settlements, among other institutions. We are particularly strong in empirical international finance; capital markets in emerging economies; fund management; market microstructure; financial econometrics and mathematical finance; and shipping finance.

In Corporate Finance, Accounting and Banking our academics produce world leading research on the relationship between corporates and the financial markets, including auditing, corporate disclosure, information intermediaries, financial regulations, securities valuations, and the intersection of financial reporting and corporate finance; relationships between finance and economic development, effective financial systems, financial regulation and structured finance; and corporate governance, raising capital and corporate restructuring. Our academics have strong links with international institutions like the World Bank; the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland; the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; De Nederlandsche Bank; the Centre for Studies in Economics and Finance, Italy; and the Central Bank of Chile. Our facullty has also provided consultancy services to several institutions including the IMF, the European Commission and the German Development Corporation and received research funding from institutions such as the 6th Marie Curie Framework Programme and the Siv and Carl Malmsten Memorial Foundation.

Our research has impact on practice as evidenced by two impact case studies in REF 2021 (Insert url here). A project on identifying anomalies in national population data led to a more reliable record of national mortality trends, and helped UK pension funds reduce the cost of providing pensions. Our research on mortality forecasting models, longevity bonds and swaps, and longevity risk hedging has led to the development of the Life Market (LM), a new global capital market for transferring longevity risk from pension schemes and annuity providers to reinsurers and capital-market investors.