Below are links to the video recording of the talks at held at the conference.

Welcome Address

Intergenerational Risk Sharing  and Aggregate Longevity Risks

Population dynamics for longevity risk

Longevity - It's academic

Introduction to Capital Motivated Longevity Solutions

Pension Freedom

Long-Term Care with Multi State Models

Longevity and aging issues in France

Why and How Are We Living Longer

The Lee-Carter Model: an update and some extensions

Widening socioeconomic differences in mortality and progressivity of public pensions

Indexed Vs. Indemnity Longevity Hedges

A comparative study of two-population models for the assessment of basis risk

Mortality Assumptions and Longevity Risk

Risk sharing in Life Insurance and Pensions within and across generations

Will metastatic cancer be a curable disease

Recent Developments in the UK Longevity market

StMoMo: An R Package for Stochastic Mortality Modelling

Round table on Big data and longevity

Round table on Longevity and long term care

Closing ceremony