Working Papers

The CPSF working paper series has been superseded by ResearchGate so no further working papers will be published. Please refer to CPSF members’ individual ResearchGate profiles to access current conference papers and pre-publication drafts of articles. Previously published working papers can be accessed below. For permission to quote from them, please contact the author.

In some documents you may still see us referred to as Cass Business School or The Business School (formerly Cass). Find out more about our name change.

Elite interviewing in professional organizations. Laura Empson (Working Paper CPSF-0017- 2017)

Managing paradoxes at the research-practice interface: A boundary management framework. Jean-Pascal Gond, Laure Cabantous, Laura Empson and Cliff Oswick (Working Paper CPSF-0016 2017)

My liminal life: Perpetual journeys across the research-practice divide. Laura Empson (Working Paper CPSF-0015 2017)

When the past comes back to haunt you: the enduring influence of upbringing on the work-family balance decisions of professional parents
Ioana Lupu, Crawford Spence and Laura Empson (Working Paper CPSF-0014 2017)

Illusio and overwork: Playing the game in the accounting field
Ioana Lupu and Laura Empson (Working Paper CPSF-0013 2015)

Researching Professional Service Firms: Introduction and Overview.

Laura Empson, Daniel Muzio, Joe Broschak and Bob Hinings (Working Paper CPSF-0012 2015)

Leadership and Professionals.
Laura Empson and Ann Langley (Working Paper CPSF-0010 2013)

My affair with the 'other': Identity journeys across the research-practice divide.
Laura Empson (Working Paper CPSF-009 2012)

Convenient fictions and inconvenient truths: The role of paradox in understanding female career progression within leading UK accountancy firms.
Louise Ashley and Laura Empson (Working Paper CPSF-008 2012)

Financialization as a strategy of workplace control in professional service firms.
Johan Alvehus and Andre Spicer (Working Paper CPSF-007 2012)

Differentiation and discrimination: Understanding social class and social exclusion in the UK's leading law firms.
Louise Ashley and Laura Empson (Working Paper CPSF-006 2011)

Managing partners and management professionals: Institutional work dyads in professional partnerships.
Laura Empson, Imogen Cleaver and Jeremy Allen (Working Paper CPSF-005-Revised May 2012)

Beyond dichotomies: A multi-stage model of governance in professional service firms.
Laura Empson (Working Paper CPSF-004 2010)

"They're not all bastards": Prospects for gender equality in the UK's elite law firms.
Louise Ashley (Working Paper CPSF-003 2010)

Beyond received wisdom: An integrative perspective on organizing professionals.
Laura Empson, Joseph P. Broschak (University of Arizona) and Huseyin Leblebici (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (Working Paper CPSF-002 2010)

Making a difference? The use (and abuse) of diversity management at the UK's elite law firms.
Louise Ashley (Working Paper CPSF-001 2010)