Actuarial Management dissertations

E-Insurance: Analysis of the impact and implications of ecommerce on the insurance industry (Anshu Arora, May 2003)

A Comparison of Wilkie-type stochastic investment models (Ganeshwarsing Rambaruth, July 2003)

Premium rating investigations in motor insurance: smoothing data by policyholder age (Sheila Vyas, May 2003)

The concept of reserving and reserving methodologies in general insurance (Elena Pantzopoulou, November 2003)

Sensitivity of results in stochastic asset liability modelling (Ng Chun Nam, February 2004)

Hybrid pension schemes (Swati Dave, May 2003)

Developments of critical illness insurance in selected markets (Ching Chin Koay, May 2003)

An investigation into the mandatory provident fund system in Hong Kong and its effectiveness (Wanda Wing Tak Lam, May 2003)

New accounting standards: the fair value of life insurance liabilities (Enrico Biffis, February 2003)