Commissioned Reports

White papers are commissioned when a firm wants to inform their clients and the public about a particular issue that affects them. They are not necessarily intended to 'sell' a product or service, but they are a tool to promote your company.

Business consultancy white papers are written and delivered in a specific format, like a report. They always involve issues that attract the attention of policy makers or have effects for policy. As such, they are an effective means of attracting the attention of government though the verification of academic thinking and research.

Access our academic insights to help you examine current issues and trends in the market by commissioning a white paper.

Case studies

Professors Chris Hendry, Julie Logan, Nigel Courtney, James Brown
Unlocking the potential of the UK's Hidden Innovators
Commissioned by Microsoft

Bayes Business School's Centre for New Technologies, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CENTIVE) was commissioned to investigate how UK society can become more involved in the innovation agenda. The research focused on innovators among the over 50s, UK Indian entrepreneurs and people with disabilities. It estimated the potential economic value of these 'hidden innovators' to the UK, and gave recommendations for creating a more inclusive innovation and entrepreneurial culture in the UK. The findings were published in report and have enjoyed wide media publicity.

Professors Chris Hendry, Clive Holtham and Nigel Courtney
Unlocking Hidden Wealth of Organisations
Commissioned by B&Q

Many organisations possess a wealth of 'intangible' resources that are taken for granted, allowed to lie dormant, or even deliberately concealed. Such resources can include reputation, specialised expertise and intellectual property. This report reveals the importance and value of intangible assets and introduces the practical steps can be taken to unlock their potential. The white paper draws on the experiences of eight organisations that are serious about managing their intangible assets. They are variously based in the UK, other EU states and the US, pursue different lines of business, and vary in size from small to multinational. The common factor is that all are achieving outstanding performance.

Professor Charles Baden Fuller
From funding gaps to think markets - UK Government support for early-stage venture capital
Commissioned by BVCA and NESTA

'Hybrid' venture capital schemes backed with both private and public sector funding play an increasingly important role in the risk capital funding of early-stage firms. We analysed the impact of investment from six UK government-backed venture capital schemes on 782 funded firms over the period 1995-2008. We discovered that these schemes had a positive but modest impact on firm performance, when compared to a matched control sample. This was due to a complex variety of demand- and supply-side factors.