Corporate education

Bayes Business School offers a range of flexible part-time business programmes that can be tailored to the specific needs of individuals and companies.

In today's extremely competitive business climate it is vital that all businesses maximise their resources. Staff training and development is crucial to any business's growth, it ensures more productive staff, increased morale from learning new information and skills and an overall competitive edge.

Executive Education
Our focus is to work in partnership with you to identify your specific business objectives and then develop a tailored, solution-focused programme. This approach ensures that your investment delivers a measurable and positive Return on Investment.

Our New Venture Creation executive education programme has been designed to equip nascent entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to start up a scalable business.

Executive MBA
It is designed for general managers, senior managers and working professionals who have the potential to be the next-generation of business leaders. The Executive MBA allows participants to work on company-based challenges and issues which they can apply to the workplace immediately.

Part-time MSc
Our part-time MSc courses are suitable for companies who wish to equip their specialist staff with professional qualifications. We offer a wide range of specialist MSc courses accredited by professional accrediting bodies in the areas of leadership, finance, philanthropy and charity accounting, marketing and management.