Conducted on campus, all the workshops are fully interactive, practical and are delivered by the Bayes Careers Team, career coaches and business specialists. Conducted throughout the year, we will offer you the practical knowledge and training you need to succeed.

CV workshop

Making first impressions count has never been more vital than in today's ultracompetitive marketplace. We're here to help you learn how to put together an outstanding CV that really highlights what you have to offer. Now you can give yourself the best possible chance with this great range of expert tips. Influenced by the combined wisdom of the sector's recruitment elite, you'll avoid common pitfalls and discover what today's employers are hunting for with this invaluable guide to getting noticed.

Networking workshop

Making the most of your contacts and developing a solid personal network are some of the most important skills in advancing your career and succeeding in business. This workshop will help you explore the benefits of effective networking and give you the confidence to make a lasting first impression on the people that matter, improving your opportunities and insider knowledge along the way.

Find out:

  • What networking is
  • Why networking is important
  • Techniques for confident, focused networking
  • Dos and don'ts of networking

How to take charge of your career

Too often our careers 'just happen' and it is hard to find the time to reflect on your work and how you can maximize the opportunities available to you, both now and in the future. This workshop provides space and time for you to work by yourself and with others to apply a structured and systematic approach to career planning.

Personal impact

Personal impact is a strong statement. And it's a strong attribute too. You'll know it when you see it - and when you don't. To build your career, contribute to your team and help grow your business, you need to create positive personal impact. This workshop will focus on how the best of you can bring out the best in others.

Influencing and persuading

Ideas are only valuable if you can persuade others to take action and implement them. This course will help you build coalition skills when communicating with others. It's about powerful techniques which can result in gaining commitment while building strong relationships.

Working across cultures

Rapid advances in technology are totally changing the way we work. However, to succeed in this world, technical proficiency is not enough. If you plan to work internationally, you need to be globally minded and a clear communicator - someone who can work and communicate across borders.

Advanced presentation skills

Few skills will get you further in business than a mastery of clear, convincing presentation skills. Whether you're blessed with a gift for getting your message across or not, reaching the top takes hard work, practice and most importantly effective training. This workshop will help give you the expertise and confidence you need to get your point across.

Job search strategies

With communication technology continuing to advance at an ever-increasing rate, there are more ways to hunt for that perfect opportunity than ever before. It's important to have an effective plan of action to focus your energy where it will achieve your goals. Fulfilling your ambitions and reaching your potential will be much easier if you follow this workshop's tried and tested techniques, including:

  • Discovering the various routes into the job market
  • Developing a personal plan of action to get you where you want to go.

Project management

Project management is no longer the sole preserve of engineers and designers. Indeed, most of what we do in business that hasn't become a process is, by definition, a project. This seminar focuses on the core skills of project management and delivers a sound grounding in the subject, whilst debunking the myth that it is an overly technical or mathematical subject.

Interview skills

An outstanding CV is only the first step getting you to that interview stage. The interview is your chance to really show what you have to offer. Don't be caught off-guard by awkward questions, or an unexpected interview format. We'll help you show your prospective employers your best side with this practical and effective workshop covering everything you need to know about interviews, including:

  • Understanding what an interview is
  • Common types and styles of interview
  • How to prepare effectively for different interview formats
  • Impressing your interviewer
  • Mastering the competency based interview.

How to get that meeting

Learn how to use cold calling to your advantage when trying to get meetings and gain contacts at target organisations. A highly useful skill whether you are looking to change career or simply enhance your current skill set. Bring along contact details of people you want to target and make live calls in this highly interactive session.

Cover letter workshop

The purpose of a cover letter is to give the recruiter a reason to read your CV. Your cover letter, along with your CV, is another key marketing tool that you can use to promote yourself. This workshop will look at content, structure and style to ensure you have an impactful and professional document.

Additional sessions

Sector overviews

This dynamic series of lectures will give you insight into various sectors e.g own business, finance and consulting, are a great introduction to the types of roles that many MBA students go on to fill. If you are thinking of a career change into a different sector, or are just curious as to what other options you have, these sessions are not to be missed.

Mandarin (beginners)

This one-year option is for absolute beginners. The intention is to focus on all four skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) in a business context.

Spanish (beginners)

This one-year option is for absolute beginners. The intention is to focus on all four skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) in a business context.

*Please note workshops are subject to change and are dependent on which course you're taking/on.