Core module 15

Leadership and Performance

This module covers the latest evidence on why leadership is crucial and how someone can be a more successful leader.

  • Drawing on modern research about leaders and managers and presenting you with robust empirical findings (from different disciplines) that are both scientifically interesting and practical.
  • Focusing on why and how this body of evidence can help you in the future.

We will examine how leaders influence productivity, trust, and job satisfaction and worker engagement.  We consider how to spot, develop, motivate and incentivise your reports to achieve organisational performance. Finally, you will reflect on your past leadership journey, learn from your peers’ experiences, and consider how to navigate your future.

Learning outcomes:

  • Critically evaluate the importance of having the right leaders and managers in place
  • Explain how employee job satisfaction and wellbeing affects individual and organisational performance
  • Critically appraise the processes necessary to develop diversity
  • Evaluate the key processes and behaviours of line managers
  • Examine real-life examples through expert story-telling.