Delivered over a three day long weekend, once a month our Modular Executive MBA allows you to have a more focused approach to learning providing a more immersive experience compared to a typical part-time programme. You are able to work full-time while developing new business skills, knowledge and expertise to transform your career. If you would prefer to study in the evenings, please look at our Evening Executive MBA.

The first year is designed to build on your current expertise and explore other key areas, you will gain a bigger picture of business as a whole which you can implement in your work immediately. During the second year, you have the opportunity to tailor the content learnt through a wide choice of electives, culminating with a major piece of self-managed consultancy.

We also place a strong emphasis on enhancing the soft skills needed for senior leadership through personalised workshops and one-to-one support. These run throughout the two years.

The weekend was excellent, I very much enjoyed it - including accounting and financial reporting, much to my surprise!  The pre-modules helped with grasping what was covered in class and the faculty were very good at making the subjects more accessible and engaging

Victoria Moyse, current MEMBA 2025 student
Training & Organisational Development Manager HCA Healthcare UK – Laboratories
Nationality: British


Pre-programme activities

Your journey at Bayes begins once you accept your place, with access to pre-programme activities and online community networks.



Team building activities with the Professional Development team, Course Director and cohort to prepare you for the two years ahead.


Core modules 1 & 2

Develop skills to lead strategically and expand your knowledge of organisational effectiveness.

  • Organisational Bahaviour
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Online session


Core module 3 & 4

An introduction to analytical techniques and accounting practices.

  • Analytics for Business
  • Accounting & Financial Reporting
  • Online session


Core modules 5 & 6

Balance financial skills whilst also exploring digital trends.

  • Financial Markets & Instruments
  • Digital Technologies & Business Innovation
  • Online session


Profesional Development



Covering the topics from the first 6 Core Modules, exams are a big proportion of your personal assessment.


Achieving Your Potential Weekend

Held off-site at a location just outside of London, you will embark on a weekend focused on reflection and your future career goals aided by leading careers coaches.


Core Modules 7 & 8

Discover management skills of people as well as the intricacies of micro- and macro- economics.

  • Human Resources Management
  • Business Economics
  • Online session


Core modules 9 & 10

Build upon previous finance based modules and focus on the importance of culture and identity of organisations.

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Online session


Core modules 11 & 12

Solidify your knowledge of marketing and get an overview on how to develop a new venture.

  • Principles of Marketing
  • New Venture Creation
  • Consulting to Management Skills
  • Online session

Consulting to Management Skills, a prerequisite to the International Consultancy Week.



Similar to the January exams, these will cover what you have studied in Core Modules 8 to 12.


Core modules 13 & 14

Develop skills to improve organisational efficiency, learn ethical theories and new initiatives.

  • Operations Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


International Consultancy Week

Placed in a fast-paced growing foreign market, you will provide consultancy and create viable business solutions to organisations.

Year 2 - April to March


Tailor your experience on the Modular Executive MBA with options to concentrate your knowledge on specific areas or keep it general. There are also a number of international study tours which will immerse you in a particular global business environment.

April - March

Core module 15

Delve deeper into the importance of leadership and how to become a successful leader

  • Leadership and Performance

April - March

Business Mastery Project

The final piece of your Modular Executive MBA is a major self-managed project which is delivered either as an internship, research project, business plan or consultancy.



Upon successful completion of the Modular Executive MBA you will celebrate with your cohort at a world-class centre, The Barbican.

Lifelong learning

Lifelong Learning

As a Bayes alumni, you are entitled to one free elective every year. If you missed a subject or need skills in a new area, return to classroom to keep upskilling.
We have now included international electives into lifelong learning, participation is subject to a fee and availability.

Download the Modular MBA programme specification