International events 2023

International events 2023

Come and meet us at a city near you

We also host online information sessions which allow you to discover more about our MBA programmes virtually. You can find out more and register here.

Alternatively, submit your CV for personalised feedback on your eligibility and the opportunity to discuss further with a recruitment manager.


  • Event: London, Access
    Date: 16th February 2023
  • Event: London, The MBA Tour
    Date: 25th February 2023
  • Event: Zurich, Access
    Date: 27th February 2023
  • Event: Milan, Access
    Date: 1st March 2023
  • Event: London, QS
    Date: 11th March 2023
  • Event: Istanbul, Access
    Date: 26th April 2023
  • Event: Paris, Access
    Date: 25th May 2023

North America

  • Event: New York, QS
    Date: 21st January 2023
  • Event: Washington, QS
    Date: 24th January 2023

Latin America

  • Event: T.B.C
    Date: T.B.C


  • Event: China - Online Weibo Event
    Date: 19th January 2023
  • Event: China - Online Weibo Event
    Date: 30th March 2023


  • Event: T.B.C
    Date: T.B.C

Middle East & East Africa

  • Event: Dubal, Access
    Date: 6th May 2023
  • Event: Riyadh, Access
    Date: 8th May 2023