Museum of Entrepreneurship launches to inspire next generation of business leaders

World’s first Museum of Entrepreneurship launches flagship website to celebrate innovations and achievements of entrepreneurs of our time.

The world’s first digital museum exclusively dedicated to entrepreneurship has officially launched in London.

Curated by Dr Stefania Zerbinati, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Cass Business School, the Museum of Entrepreneurship (MoE) collects and displays stories from some of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs of our time.

But the MoE does not just share the successes of the entrepreneurs it features — it documents their motivations, their sacrifices, their failures and their celebrations along the way.

By sharing these stories with the world the MoE aims to teach and inspire future generations of entrepreneurs that will one day share their journey.

Dr Zerbinati said her focus, and that of the museum, was to show young people from all walks of life that entrepreneurship is a human quality that does not belong to any specific race, gender, class or even time or place.

“Anyone can be an entrepreneur and anyone can choose the type of entrepreneur they want to be,” Dr Zerbinati said.

“The museum is here to bolster the next generation of entrepreneurial spirits and help them start their journey towards becoming a hero in their own right.”

The MoE showcases the stories of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, expertise and business areas but who all share the same passion and dedication for enterprise and innovation.

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Among the stories initially featured on the museum website are those of Lydia McCarthy-Keen and Rafael Badziag.

Ms McCarthy-Keen is an ethical jeweller whose company specialises in sourcing best-in-class lab-grown diamonds from the global market, rallying against the blood-diamond trade and providing philanthropic support to her charity partner Legs4Africa.

“The entrepreneurs of tomorrow must faithfully solve crises that governments and established industries have failed to solve,” Ms McCarthy-Keen said.

"The MoE offers a much-needed touch-point for inspiring the brightest minds of tomorrow to bring desirable, ethical and credible solutions to market and I'm honoured to be a part of that future.”

Mr Badziag built his first multimillion-dollar business pioneering e-commerce in Europe and has since become an award-winning author and given some of the most successful TED Talks in history. As part of the official launch of the MoE, Mr Badziag also launched his latest book, The Billion Dollar Secret, which explores the entrepreneurial successes of more than two dozen self-made billionaires.

Visit the Museum of Entrepreneurship online today, or visit Cass Business School, City, University of London, for more information.

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