Meet Global Women's Scholar: Marian Han

I graduated from China University of Geo-sciences, a tier 1 university in China, with a BSc majoring in Geology. I was very fortunate to have done my graduate thesis with top scientists from both China and USA, and had the paper published in core journal later on.

My professional journey so far is characterised by a diverse range of experiences and a strong focus on strategy, partnerships, and cross-cultural collaborations. My career started in Beijing, China, in a NYSE listed company. Then I moved to Dubai, UAE and worked there for more than 10 years with both corporate and entrepreneurial businesses in a few sectors including green building engineering, retail, and consulting. My primary focus was on establishing innovative business practices and driving growth through strategic partnerships across industries in a global setting, and I have guided strategic initiatives for both public and private sectors, including Fortune 500 companies and government authorities.

Why a Bayes MBA?

When I decided that the next step in my career journey would be an MBA programme, I chose the Bayes Business School Full-time MBA due to the global reputation with academic excellence, particularly in finance education, which is an area I was keen to enhance further. This strong academic foundation is perfectly aligned with my career aspirations. I was also drawn to the opportunity to study in London with the support of Bayes top-notch network and communities. As a vibrant and diverse global city, London offers a unique blend of cultural experiences and business opportunities. It provides a perfect environment for learning, living, connecting, and discovering amazing opportunities. At the same time, Bayes offers me the best synergy given my prior experiences in China and the Middle East. With the UK's strong ties to both regions, I felt that studying at Bayes would enable me to further leverage and build upon my cross-cultural experiences and networks.

My studies so far have been rewarding. The academic curriculum is well-balanced and comprehensive, offering all the tools needed to become a successful leader in the business world. In addition to this, the practical nature of the course is commendable. Bayes supports and pushes us to work closely with real businesses to solve genuine challenges. This practical approach not only gives me a chance to put theories into practice, but also offers me great opportunities to develop my professional network.

Another aspect of Bayes that has been exceptional is the international exposure. The opportunity to travel to a different country during some of the elective modules and work with local companies on their business challenges has been an incredible experience, which enriched my understanding of various market dynamics and enhanced my cross-culture consulting skills.

My career aspirations

The career support at Bayes is phenomenal. The career development coaching courses are well designed and instrumental; the career resources are rich and practical with up-to-date information, professional online courses, assessment centre practice question banks, mock interviews etc. and the school invested to get external coaches to support us on specific subjects;  the careers events are incredibly helpful in developing my network and meeting potential employers; and most importantly, I get help from my dedicated career adviser constantly with insightful and speedy support throughout my journey.

My aspiration is to be at the forefront of innovation and sustainability initiatives within the strategic consulting, corporate development, or capital sectors. Leveraging my academic and professional background, cross-industry exposure, and passion for ESG, I'm eager to drive sustainable growth and make a meaningful impact.

The Global Women's Leadership Programme

I first heard about the Global Women's Leadership Programme (GWLP) through the Bayes website and it was further explained during my informational interview with the MBA admission’s team. A few days after receiving my Bayes MBA offer, I got the GWLP interview invitation and then I went through an interview with the programme’s Director, Professor Janina Steinmetz. The competition was intense, so I was thrilled to be selected as a scholar and an Executive Board member. The programme's emphasis on gender-balanced leadership resonated strongly with my own values and aspirations.

As an Executive Board member, I've had the opportunity to be part of strategic decision-making processes, learning from the experiences of other board members and honing my own leadership skills. Furthermore, the network of professional women has not only provided mentoring and support but also has opened doors to diverse professional opportunities.

What makes a good leader?

In my opinion, a good leader is someone who is visionary yet grounded in reality, empathetic yet decisive, and communicative yet a good listener. A good leader should inspire and empower their team, fostering an environment that encourages creativity, diversity, collaboration, and growth. They should be capable of making tough decisions when needed having a strong ethical compass.

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