The Bayes Global Women’s Leadership Programme seeks to inspire, equip and connect women who are leaders or aim to become leaders. We support women who want to grow and are seeking their unique version of success; a success that can go well beyond corporate or entrepreneurial leadership to include community involvement, mentoring and other initiatives.

Our programme has five main pillars

  • We develop speaker/panel events to illustrate why and how organisations should support gender-balanced leadership and to inspire women for such roles
  • We organise skill-based workshops to empower women for leadership
  • We coordinate scholarships for bright, high potential women to study at Bayes
  • We disseminate research of Bayes academics to establish Bayes as a leader in the conversation on gender-balanced leadership
  • We connect women by nurturing networks for women's success.

With this, we help equip women with the tools, skills and insights to help achieve their career goals. While we are fundamentally focused on Bayes women – past, current and future – we also build strong ties with businesses, societies, research institutions and regulatory bodies as we know these create an ecosystem essential for women’s success as leaders. If you are passionate about advancing your career and empowering women for future leadership roles through the supportive nature of the programme, apply for one of our Global Women's Leadership Scholarships. You will be provided with mentoring and access to unique networking opportunities along with a 50% fee scholarship.

For more information about Bayes's Global Women’s Leadership Programme, the events you can attend, or to join our network please contact us at


The Programme is led by the Director with the support and involvement of an Advisory Council and an Executive Board.

The Advisory Council

The Council provides strategic guidance to elevate the programme’s brand and impact. Members include senior leaders from across key sectors and the Bayes Management Team. They serve as ambassadors of the programme within their networks. They also provide guidance to the Programme Director on the purpose of the programme, its desired outcomes, its key performance metrics, the event themes and the strength of the combined events as a portfolio. The role is for three years, with the option to opt-out at the end of the second year. The Council meets twice a year.

Chair of the Advisory Council

Carol Sergeant

Carol Sergeant

The Executive Board

The Executive Board is made up of a diverse group of women leaders, successful in a variety of fields and with a wide range of expertise, Bayes non-academic staff, who support the programme’s initiatives and the scholars.  The Board is actively involved in steering the programme and making it a success. Board members work closely with scholars to mentor them and to support them. The role is for three years, with the option to opt-out at the end of the second year. Scholars join the Board during the duration of their scholarship. The Executive Board meets four times a year.

Chair of the Executive Board

Alison Maitland -

Alison Maitland


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