Zeyneb Larabi

Zeyneb Larabi

Zeyneb Larabi

Nationality: French
Programme: Executive MBA in Dubai, 2016
Position pre MBA: Area Manager
Post-MBA: Business Unit Head – India, Middle East and Africa, Valrhona
Current industry: Hospitality
Transitions made: Function

What factors led you to choose the Cass EMBA over other programmes?

My decision to pursue the Cass Executive MBA in Dubai stemmed from my desire to quench my thirst for more knowledge. After doing some research and speaking with friends who had previously studied at Cass, I decided to sample a session on Advanced Strategy which was delivered by Professor Gianvito Lanzolla. It was an absolute eye opener and further confirmed my interest in being part of the Cass EMBA programme in Dubai. Additionally, I wanted to understand how to formulate and execute strategy in industries that are rapidly transforming. A key factor that influenced my decision to join Cass was the flexibility of the programme; I was able to study while remaining in full-time employment.

How would you describe your overall experience on the EMBA?

The programme fulfilled my need for intellectual stimulation and helped to broaden my understanding of business. Being part of a relatively diverse and high-calibre cohort which consisted of health professionals, public sector executives and entrepreneurs provided a value added dimension to my experience on the EMBA. I particularly enjoyed the group assignments which allowed me to work and exchange knowledge with people from industries and areas of expertise that were different from mine.

With so many exciting international electives to choose from, it was difficult taking my pick! I went on the Silicon Valley elective because I was interested in learning about the intersection of strategy, digital technology and innovation. The elective helped me understand transformational patterns and best practices adopted by leading companies. It was, by far, a highlight of my time on the programme.

Could you outline how the EMBA has benefitted you in your career?

The EMBA provided me with the skills and networking tools that helped me move up the corporate ladder. Not only did it push me out of my comfort zone, but the programme also gave me an insight into different managerial and leadership approaches. Additionally, the communication and team building skills that I mastered were extremely valuable.

The international network you develop is one of the most valuable outcomes of studying the EMBA. There are very few other places where such a diverse group of people converge with the potential to form lifelong friendships and, in some cases, business partnerships.

The time spent studying for an Executive MBA is simply the beginning. You will discover the real benefits of the programme when you are applying the skills and tapping into your Cass network.