Khaled Boudemagh

Khaled Boudemagh

Sheena Ciminski

Nationality: French
Programme: Executive MBA in Dubai, 2012
Pre-MBA: Service Delivery Manager
Post-MBA: Senior Operations and Marketing Manager turned entrepreneur
Current industry: Education and business consultancy
Transitions made: Industry

What factors made you decide to choose the Cass MBA over other programmes?

My main reason for studying an MBA were to develop some skills that I was lacking as an IT Engineer. I wanted to be able to grow in my career and either take a C-level position in the IT industry or to take up a new role in a different industry.  The format of the Cass Executive MBA in Dubai suited me best as it allowed me to continue my career while studying over a long weekend every month. Cass Business School’s international standing as well as its international faculty who fly in from the home campus every month were key factors in my decision to choose the Cass EMBA.

How would you describe your overall experience on the EMBA?

My study experience was fantastic! I made great friends from various nationalities and professional backgrounds. Every aspect was memorable from Induction until graduation. The programme was flexible with core modules grouped in blocks and a choice of electives that we could take either in Dubai or the home campus in London.  The international elective that I went on in South Africa gave me the valuable opportunity to mingle with students from the home campus.

Could you outline how the EMBA has benefitted you in your career?

The EMBA has been a wonderful learning experience for me. It was of immense benefit as it enabled me to switch careers and move into entrepreneurship. I am part of a strong alumni network that consists of more than 45,000 professionals who are based around the world and embedded in every sector. Furthermore, as part of the MENA Alumni Chapter, I have launched a sub-group for entrepreneurs which has proven to be very successful. Cass has allowed me to develop in the areas of “what I know and who I know”. Both of these factors are extremely important to be successful.